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As we embark on our journey of the future, the BCF Group have joined associate links to four key businesses. These associations will help us become even more relevant in helping the ever changing workforce of the future. We are excited about this great journey of change and empowerment.

Future Leaders - Africa

In their approach to leadership development, FLA thoroughly take into consideration that leadership development is multi-dimensional and a long term process. To grow as a leader encompasses; what we think, what we believe, what we value, our attitudes and our behaviour. FLA chose the metaphor of a journey for their programs. ‘Journey’ emphasises destiny, momentum, continuity, variety of experiences, internal and external challenges and changes, and the natural unfolding of learning and personal growth.


PDA is an assessment business that, through a simple, precise and scientifically, validated methodology, allows describing and analysing the behavioural profile of individuals and identifying their talents, mains skills, motivators, strengths and opportunity areas.

Media First

Whether you’re looking to engage more proactively with the media, prepare for a crisis, fully utilise social media or build better relationships with your team – Media First is the go to organisation that can help you.


The Next Generation Of Business Cards. B2Bdigicards is an evolution in marketing, it is an essential business tool, it is the next generation of the business card. It allows you to place your business and brand in the palm of your customers hand. Your business can be anywhere, connecting with the world 24/7. Through innovative technology B2Bdigicards combine the advantages of online marketing with a traditional business card.

Featured Course

ILM Level 7 Qualifications in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

The ILM Level 7 Qualifications in Executive Coaching and Mentoring are designed for senior leaders/managers (or those working in a training and development role) who are regularly coaching or mentoring at a senior level.

It is for those executive coaches who wish to accredit, validate or enhance their skills with an internationally-recognised executive coaching qualification.

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Master Coaching Diploma from the BCF Group

This course enables participants to develop their understanding of executive coaching and mentoring, to explore the underpinning psychological theories of coaching and to practise and apply their skills within a non-directive, non-judgemental framework.

At the BCF Group, we use a powerful blend of coaching concepts and practical skills-based development to support the enhancement of executive coaching and leadership mentoring skills in an organisation.

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