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CITB Courses

CITB (also known as ConstructionSkills or CSkills) courses are designed to give firms in the construction industry the skills and knowledge that are necessary in order to survive and prosper in today's challenging economic environment, resulting in a safe, professional and fully-qualified UK construction industry.

The CITB course programmes are regularly revised to ensure that the content is relevant to new health and safety legislation and best practice guidelines. Keeping up to date with the latest health and safety developments, along with regular and effective health and safety training, is essential to create a safer and more efficient construction site.

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Site Managers SMSTS

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is one of the most popular health and safety training courses, and is intended for construction site managers, project managers and senior supervisors, as well as proprietors of smaller companies.

A broad range of topics are covered on our SMSTS courses such as undertaking suitable risk assessments for a construction site, scaffolding, electricity, confined spaces, CDM and much more. This makes SMSTS training essential for construction site managers in order to comply with all associated legislation, as well as ensuring a safe construction site.

SMSTS Course

SMSTS Refresher

The 2-day Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) Refresher course is for those who have already passed the full 5-day Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) course within the last five years and can provide proof of attendance.

The SMSTS Refresher course aims to bring the delegate's health and safety knowledge up to date, as well as giving a thorough overview of the legislative changes and their impact in the workplace. The SMSTS Refresher course includes a wide range of topics, many building on the previous 5-day SMSTS course programme, as well as introducing new subjects.

SMSTS Refresher Course

Site Supervisors SSSTS

The Site Supervisors' Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) course is intended for those who have, or are about to acquire, supervisory responsibilities on a construction site.

After completing the SSSTS course, delegates should:

  • Understand the health, safety, welfare and environmental issues relevant to their work
  • Understand their legal responsibilities relevant to their work activities
  • Safely supervise construction site activities
SSSTS Course

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SMSTS - Can a Safe Construction Site Also Be Efficient and Productive?

With stories of strange and bizarre health and safety actions frequently cropping up in the media, there is the perception that the introduction of health and safety measures into a place of work will greatly slow down and hinder operations, with the subsequent increase in time and costs. This view is also shared by numerous construction site managers and supervisors who believe that their projects will be completed much faster without having to bother about health and safety.

There is no denying the fact that complying with some health and safety regulations and doing things 'by the book' will take longer. However, not only is it a legal requirement to perform certain actions, but dealing with the consequences of an accident which occurs due to insufficient health and safety measures such as a lack of personal protective equipment will take up a far greater amount of time than ensuring that employees are working safely from the outset.

Also, there is no reason why a safe construction site cannot also be an efficient and productive one at the same time. Rather than implementing safety procedures on an ad hoc basis, having workers attend health and safety courses such as the CITB Site Manager's SMSTS qualification from the outset and ensuring that they are well-versed in procedures such as permits to work will allow them to put these safety measures and best practices into operation with the minimum of disruption to their work. Not only this, but many studies have come to the conclusion that a workforce who feel that their employer is serious about their safety in the workplace is a happier one, who are then more productive and likely to take less time off or seek alternative employment elsewhere. Apart from avoiding the inconvenience and time spent looking for new recruits, it also lessens the requirement to keep training new workers either in health and safety or in certain aspects of their new job.

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