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Contamination of Land

Along with the air and waterways, the contamination of land is one of the most common and prevalent forms of environmental damage and placing in jeopardy the health, safety and wellbeing of both people and animals.

Contamination can cover a variety of different negative environmental impacts including deforestation, but is most commonly attributed to sewage and chemicals which seep into the soil and can be poisonous if consumed by humans or animals, and can prevent plants and crops from growing in it, often for a number of years into the future. This contamination of the land usually affects nearby watercourses also as these toxins get washed into nearby streams and rivers when it rains, with this pollution causing death or harm to fish and other creatures living in the water or relying on it for drinking.

In countries where it is difficult to grow crops due to lack of available water or poor nutrient soil, the contamination of any fertile land is particularly damaging to humans as it is a reduction of the available area upon which to grow crops for food. If too much land is contaminated and not enough food can be grown, it will lead to starvation and the associated disease and death that inevitably comes with it.

The severity of contaminated land upon all life forms whether people, plants, animals or insects means that many countries have introduced strict environmental legislation to prevent the contamination of land, not to mention an increase in environmental awareness and qualifications like the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate for employees of an organisation to enable their company to reduce its environmental impact and potential damage to their reputation.

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Please see below for more information on the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate:

NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate, or NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental Management to give it its full title, is an environmental health and safety course which is intended to be taken by managers, supervisors and any other employees who are responsible for managing environmental issues at their workplace.

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate qualification focuses on UK law, so is really only suitable for those who are based and operate within the UK.

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