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Paint Colours and Light Levels for the Environment

We have already seen in articles such as Keep Doors Closed - Good General Environmental Practice and How a Simple Action Like Cleaning a Light Bulb Can Help the Environment that extremely simple actions which may seem insignificant and inconsequential when performed singularly can have a major effect on reducing environmental damage when they are carried out on a large scale by thousands of people or more.

Another action which falls under this category is painting walls and ceilings a light colour such as white rather than black, brown or other dark colour. As well as likely having the effect of increasing the mood and general feeling of health and wellbeing that the occupants of the room feel and experience, a light colour for the walls and ceiling can have environmental benefits too. Surfaces which are painted in white or other light colours will reflect more light and require fewer bulbs or at least less powerful ones to be utilised in order to provide sufficient light levels for the task such as reading or writing. Dark, gloomy rooms will require more lighting which consequently will require greater electricity and energy consumption. Unless the power is produced through environmentally-friendly methods, this will obviously have an effect upon the environment through increased pollution from the burning of fossil fuels.

Again, a couple of extra or stronger light bulbs are not going to have any significant detrimental effect upon the environment. But over time, and when multiplied by thousands or millions of other dark rooms requiring stronger lighting levels, the cumulative effects do become significant and considerable amounts of air pollution will have been created and released as a result. By taking actions such as painting walls and ceilings in white or other light colour, along with those other small actions like shutting doors and cleaning light bulbs to provide maximum output, the overall effect of many people doing the same will produce tremendous benefits for the environment in terms of pollution prevention due to a lower energy demand.

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Please see below for more information on the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate:

NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate, or NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental Management to give it its full title, is an environmental health and safety course which is intended to be taken by managers, supervisors and any other employees who are responsible for managing environmental issues at their workplace.

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate qualification focuses on UK law, so is really only suitable for those who are based and operate within the UK.

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