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In-House Interpersonal Skills Training

Business meeting communication and team working


We run our most popular interpersonal skills training courses at venues across the United Kingdom, such as our popular Train The Trainer courses, which can be taken either with or without an ILM Development Certificate.

However, the majority of our work involves providing in-house courses to companies and organisations in both the private and public sectors.

This can either be through running a course such as the Train The Trainer course mentioned above exclusively for the employees of that company, or conducting a bespoke, tailored programme which deals with one or several interpersonal skills that are highly valuable in business including assertiveness, effective communication, negotiation skills and professional customer care to name but a few.

Why Have Bespoke Interpersonal Skills Training?

Employees talking in an informal business meeting

The term interpersonal skills can mean different things to different people, primarily because it covers and encompasses so many aspects, some of which were mentioned above like effective communication and negotiation skills. It is therefore almost inevitable that an open course, even one focusing on a particular area, will still contain a lot of information which is not entirely relevant for each and every person attending.

This can lead to delegates "switching off" and potentially missing some useful information, not to mention meaning that you are not receiving full value for the money you have spent on employee training.

A bespoke interpersonal skills programme for your team, managers etc. will ensure that the content is tailored to the topics in which you would like those attending to improve in. For example, there is less return on investment in your employees sitting through a general interpersonal skills course which covers lots of different areas, when your overriding goal is for them to improve their communication and ability to work well with each other.

In this case, it makes far more sense to commission a bespoke programme that concentrates on communication and teamwork, and which includes specific subjects you would like the training to address, than to attend a generic, off-the-shelf course and hope that they learn something from it.

The Importance of Planning

A smiling business manager

We work with you beforehand to not only understand your business, but to understand exactly what you want your delegates to achieve from the training. By doing this, we ensure that 100% of the training will be relevant for them, and will provide them with the interpersonal skills required for the future.

Whilst we can help and advise, you know your business better than anyone - especially what you would like to get out of the training – and so we listen to your needs rather than telling you what training you should have. We work with you well in advance of the course start date to understand your industry, your unique business and working practices, as well as what you would like those attending to learn and take back into the workplace afterwards.

Next Steps...

Manager and employee group with blue sky background

Please click here to visit the interpersonal skills section of the site to find out more information about the courses we offer including Effective Communication and Influencing, Effective Negotiation and Professional Customer Care.

Alternatively, if you are interested in a bespoke programme, please call us on 0844 800 3295 or contact us online using the button below to discuss your particular requirements.

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