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IOSH Leading Safely

  • Level 2 Certificate

The IOSH Leading Safely course is approved by the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) and is intended for those who have overall operational or strategic accountability for an organisation, responsibility for determining and implementing effective safety and health management, and monitoring its success.

The IOSH Leading Safely course is valid for directors, executive officers and senior managers across all sectors and industries.

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Course Objectives

Completing the IOSH Leading Safely course will enable you to:

IOSH Leading Safely Course
  • Explain the importance of safety and health at top management level
  • Illustrate how to plan the direction for safety and health through, developing and implementing a safety and health policy
  • Explain the value of an efficient safety and health management system
  • Explain the positive impact of health and safety culture through effective leadership
  • Describe the importance of setting key performance indicators and targets

Key Topics Include:

  • The moral, legal and financial case for effective health and safety management
  • Plan, Do, Check, Act model (HSG65)

Frequently Asked Questions

At the conclusion of the course delegates are required to undertake a 30 minute written assessment based on the course content.

Delegates who successfully complete this assessment at the end of the course are awarded the IOSH Leading Safely certificate.

Each delegate will be issued with a workbook to assist them both during and after the course which will contain information, guidance and forms to assist directors and executives. The course is designed to be interactive, allowing delegates the opportunity to develop their skills with the support of the course tutor.

Scheduled Open Courses

Unfortunately the IOSH Leading Safely course is not currently scheduled as an open course, and is only available as an in-house programme where we come to you and deliver it for a number of your employees.

If you have a need for this course please call us on 0844 800 3295 or contact us online as we may be able to schedule one for you, or run it in-house.

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Related Articles:

5 Key Health and Safety Facts for Every Director

When working in a directorship role - which is a key position in any business - you need to be aware of what kinds of jobs you will be taking on, and indeed what kind of people you would expect to meet along the way. Understanding this will be vital to your success and growth within the business, but how can you effectively prepare for things like health and safety? As a director of a business, it's vital that you can set the agenda and the tone with regards to understanding the growth and development of the business.

Here are just five key facts that any director should know about health and safety, and its overall importance within the workplace:

1) It's simply a fact that you cannot force health and safety on someone - you need to work with people to get the best out of them in terms of concentration and safety protocol. Simply trying to frighten people with it isn't going to work any longer, so you need to be able to manage things in a better fashion. Whilst it is true that managers can insist on employees attending health and safety training courses as part of their conditions of employment; being open to absorbing the information and putting it into practice is something which they must choose to do of their own free will.

2) Health and safety is something that needs to be managed both legally, and morally. Making decisions for profit instead of safety is short-termism and therefore it's vital that your business can get the right mark and style to move forward with. Getting there will take some time, but it's vital to have a specific mandate to follow involving safety management. An organisation must be managed in a manner which priorities health and safety and long life, comfortable, effective living over short-term gains and profits at the cost of others.

3) All management teams must be able to manage health and safety perfectly, and this requires you to understand the right controls and precautions for your industry. It's simply a fact that if you cannot explain, agree and adhere to the various health and safety rules and procedures then it will become equally challenging to get your staff to follow suit.

4) Make sure you look at the law as the very minimum that you insist upon, not the maximum. Whilst modern-day health and safety legislation demands employers to guarantee vital safety standards, the best companies will go above and beyond to ensure the safety and wellbeing to people and the environment affected by their activities, and reap all of the subsequent benefits which this can provide.

5) Safe working and creating a culture of health and safety is vital to the long-term growth of any business, and should act as a long-term target for directors and senior executives.

Directors Need to Appoint Competent Health and Safety Managers

The Need for Additional Managers within a Company

Companies which grow even a small amount will soon find that it is impossible for senior managers and directors to do everything. They will therefore need to appoint managers to look after certain aspects of running the company on their behalf. Obviously the skill and competency of these managers that are appointed will have a significant influence upon the future performance of the business, as success or failure will depend upon the choices they make. Whilst they will still be accountable to the board of directors, who will themselves determine a lot of the strategy and direction, the managers will still hold a great deal of influence and responsibility for the actual functioning of the organisation, and will typically make decisions about the strategy for the company based on very broad guidelines from the directors. For this reason, appointing good managers is a crucial consideration for company directors as it can end up making or breaking the organisation.

Health and Safety is one of the most Important Responsibilities

Appointing good managers applies to many facets of the business, but one such area which is actually one of the most crucial is that of health and safety. Putting in place health and safety managers who are knowledgeable and highly competent will be imperative for creating a safe place of work which minimises the likelihood of an accident occurring. These managers will be able to identify hazards before they cause harm to anyone, and put in place the necessary modifications or safety systems accordingly.

The Need for Health & Safety Training and Qualifications

Competent health and safety managers will also recognise the need for rigorous health and safety training for staff members and managers alike, as it is everyone's responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe place of work. Whether it is courses such as the IOSH Managing Safely or a qualification like the NEBOSH General Certificate, or even a tailored, in-house health and safety training course for staff members on a particular topic, the provision of safety training is critical for fashioning a group (i.e. all employees) who can function efficiently whilst at the same time keeping themselves and others safe from harm.

Sometimes this appointment comes from within the company by promoting an existing employee to the position of a health and safety manager. It is imperative that they are fully-trained and have the necessary knowledge before they take up the role as a serious accident or incident could take place whilst they are still getting up to speed with their new responsibilities. Other times the position will be filled by recruiting an external candidate. Even if they already hold all the necessary health and safety qualifications to make them suitable for the role, they will still need to become fully aware and knowledgeable regarding the company's systems and procedures in order to carry out the job successfully and to the required standard.

A Continually-Evolving Job Role

Anybody appointed to the role of a health and safety manager will also need to understand the necessity for continuous study and awareness of how the job evolves over time. They need to make themselves aware of changes to legislation which will affect the company, as well as taking into account the changing demands and concerns of existing and future members of staff as expectations change or working practices / equipment / processes / finished products change over time.


Appointing a manager to oversee any area of a business is a major decision which needs to be gotten right, but when it comes to health and safety the consequences of getting it wrong can be devastating and lead to life-changing injuries or death. The recruitment and selection process needs to be rigorous to ensure that only a person who is suitable for the role is given the responsibility.

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The course is aimed at operative level and is designed to be equally valid across all industry sectors.

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