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IOSH Managing Safely

  • Level 2 Certificate

The IOSH Managing Safely course is designed for managers and supervisors of organisations in virtually all industry sectors, in order to give them all they need to know to effectively manage health and safety in the workplace.

Recently updated, the new high impact programme covers key health and safety issues, and includes references to international case studies.

This course is approved by the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH), Europe's leading body for health and safety.

The BCF Group are pleased to announce that IOSH Managing Safely classroom training courses have now resumed.

The health and well-being of our customers and staff members is our top priority, which means that for the foreseeable future, certain safety measures will have to be in place. This includes classrooms configured to allow for social distancing, and a reduction of the number of people able to book on and attend each course.

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What Does the IOSH Managing Safely Course Cover?

Female manager wearing glasses sat behind a desk

The IOSH Managing Safely syllabus covers relevant issues such as:

  • The concept of "managing safely"
  • Identifying health and safety hazards
  • Assessing and controlling risks (risk assessment)
  • Understanding your health and safety responsibilities (i.e. the legal framework)
  • Incident and accident investigation
  • Measuring performance

How Are Classroom Courses Run?

NEBOSH classroom training courses for better pass rates

All of our classroom IOSH Managing Safely courses are run over three consecutive days, 9am until approximately 5pm. In our many years of experience, we have consistently found that full-time block courses with exams scheduled straight after equates to a significantly improved likelihood of delegates passing all of the assessments required for actually achieving the qualification.

Unlike online or distance learning courses, having a course tutor present in the room, able to answer questions there and then, provides a significant benefit and is a key component of achieving high pass rates.

Who Should Attend?

A smiling manager

The IOSH Managing Safely course is aimed at managers and supervisors with health and safety responsibilities, but is equally valid for directors, senior officers and health and safety officers in low risk organisations.

Past delegates have come from virtually every industry and internationally.

On successful completion of the IOSH Managing Safely course, delegates will have an understanding of the legal requirements for risk assessment and be able to identify hazards both generally, and from their organisation's perspective.

Course Tutors

IOSH Managing Safely Course Tutors

Our IOSH Managing Safely course tutors are experienced professionals with an appropriate background in risk management.

Modern training is not about teaching, it's about learning. No more 'death by PowerPoint'. We know that getting people fully involved, having fun, and learning by doing, is the way to achieve health and safety training success.

Our new IOSH Managing Safely course gets delegates really thinking about what they're learning - and having the confidence and enthusiasm to put it into practice when they're back at work.

Why Take This Course?

A manager in a warehouse inpecting workers operating safely

As a manager, you must be able to give employees the knowledge and the information needed to tackle even the most dangerous of situations. This creates trust and responsibility with your staff, and can be a great way to make sure that your business can keep moving forward in a positive, comfortable and progressive direction.

This makes a huge difference in general to the way that your business will be perceived by staff and clients alike, so it is vital to get the situation right at the first time of asking.

For a manager, getting to grips with successfully managing health and safety issues takes a long time, and will usually see you dealing with questions on everything from risk assessments to hazard management, and even protecting the environment. The IOSH Managing Safely course takes into account the most important aspects of staying safe within the workplace.

Any business has to make sure that their staff is capable of working in the safest capacity possible. It is an essential part of the management of a business; being able to keep people safe and in good health, and the IOSH Managing Safely course will go a long way to assisting managers in this responsibility.

In-House IOSH Managing Safely Courses

In-House IOSH Managing Safely Courses

As well as offering scheduled open courses and providing bespoke/tailored training programmes, much of our training work involves going to a client's premises and conducting the training there for a group of employees from the same company.

Because we charge a daily training rate rather than a per-delegate fee, this can be an extremely cost effective method of training your workers, particularly if there is a large number of them as the more delegates you put on the course the less money per head it works out as.

For more information regarding our in-house IOSH Managing Safely courses or to obtain a quote for your particular training needs, please call one of our health and safety training advisers on 0844 800 3295 or send us an online contact form detailing your requirements by clicking on the 'Contact' tab located at the top of the page.

IOSH Managing Safely Classroom Courses

Unfortunately there are no classroom courses scheduled.

Online IOSH Managing Safely Course

Online IOSH Managing Safely Course

Whilst we would always recommend a classroom course as the best option for learning the information, passing the assessment and achieving the certificate, we realise that for some people, taking three days away from the workplace will simply not be an option. For others, being able to take the course over a few weeks in their own time is more preferable to them. Therefore, we also offer an online version of the IOSH Managing Safely course.

An online course allows you to complete the training in your own time, meaning it can fit around your work commitments and personal life. The online learning system is extremely user-friendly, and can be accessed on a computer, tablet or smartphone for increased flexibility.

Exams and Assessments

Unlike online NEBOSH courses where a student must attend exams in at a physical location, IOSH exams and assessments can be completed and submitted entirely online.

After completing the training, candidates will need to complete a multiple choice examination and submit a practical assessment. Candidates should aim to complete their final assessments within three months of purchase. After the course has been purchased, IOSH registration is restricted to six months, providing candidates with enough time for one resit. The cost of one resit is included within the overall price of the course, with re-registration fees applicable after the six month period.

Students can easily check on the e-learning platform how much time remains for completing the assessments, and will also get sent an e-mail reminder each month if there are still elements awaiting completion.

Course Duration and Support

The recommended number of study hours for the IOSH Managing Safely online course is 24 hours. Support is provided throughout, with expert tutors being available by phone, e-mail, Skype or secure messaging. Although it might not be as good as having a tutor right there with you in the room, you will still have a good support system in place as you progress with your online studies.


The online IOSH Managing Safely course costs £195.00 + vat. This price includes 6 months of mentor and admin support. As mentioned earlier, the cost of one resit is also included within the overall price of the course if needed, with re-registration fees applicable if the six month period elapses.


Please click on the button below to book and enrol on the IOSH Managing Safely online course.

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Other IOSH Courses

Please see below for some other IOSH courses and qualifications which you may be interested in:

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course

The 1-day IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course is available to those who have obtained the full IOSH Managing Safely qualification within the last three years and who wish to update and refresh their knowledge with the latest health and safety issues and best practice. It is designed to provide continued support to managers in dealing with health and safety issues in the workplace.

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IOSH Working Safely

IOSH Working Safely Course

This course is approved by the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) and trains workers to ensure that their actions contribute to health and safety in the workplace, as well as ensuring that individual responsibilities are clearly understood. The course will assist workers in complying with the requirements of health and safety, and alert them to co-operate with managers in safety activities to improve the organisation's safety performance.

The course is aimed at operative level and is designed to be equally valid across all industry sectors.

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IOSH Leading Safely

IOSH Leading Safely Course

The IOSH Leading Safely course is intended for those who have overall operational or strategic accountability for an organisation, responsibility for determining and implementing effective safety and health management, and monitoring its success.

It is valid for directors, executive officers and senior managers across all sectors and industries.

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