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Leadership Development (L&D) Consulting

Learning & Development (L&D) leaders are tasked with keeping employees up to speed with the ever-evolving skills and learning ecosystem. L&D should, in today's learning landscape, provide the tools to constantly reskill workers for new, emerging roles. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the nature of office work, freeing people from routine jobs and allowing them to focus on more creative, strategic, and collaborative work.

We at the BCF Group offer L&D Consulting to not only outsource the function, but to also explore the specific customised approaches that you are embarking upon - with our specialist functions below.

  • A. Learning strategists (L&D strategic alignment to teams and business)
  • B. Team and talent development (competency and assessments)
  • C. Talent management strategy (strategic alignment of internal resourcing)
  • D. Change management (using our ANCHOR change management model to project manage and bring about results)

With our rapidly-evolving business landscape and as organisations drive their digital transformation, automate their processes, and adopt new technologies, change management will play a critical role in facilitating a successful workforce transition.

We at the BCF Group are getting out of the classroom and becoming a strategic influencer with key stakeholders. Moving into the next few years we expect to see a closer relationship between the learning function and change management as L&D transforms the workforce in the digital age. At the BCF Group we would love to join you on your learning and development journey.

BCF Group Learning Consulting Three Pronged Approach:
  • 45 min free learning landscape exploration with 2-3 stakeholders in your business (face to face where possible)
  • Learning strategy collaboratively iterated upon - next 45 min meeting (virtual)
  • Learning proposal presented
  • Engagement terms agreed

Contact Us Today for your first free 45 min exploration meeting with us so we can collectively and collaboratively create a plan that suits your learning and business strategy.

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