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NEBOSH Courses and Qualifications

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (or NEBOSH for short) was formed in 1979 and became the first health and safety awarding body to be accredited by the UK regulatory authorities in October 2000. NEBOSH qualifications, such as the NEBOSH Diploma and NEBOSH Environmental Certificate, are recognised and respected across the globe, with over 25,000 candidates in 65 countries undertaking NEBOSH training every year.

Only health and safety training providers that have been accredited by NEBOSH are allowed to offer NEBOSH qualifications. This ensures that quality standards are met and that the health and safety training itself sufficiently covers the prescribed NEBOSH course syllabus.

View NEBOSH Qualification Types

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NEBOSH Diplomas

NEBOSH Diplomas are amongst the most comprehensive health and safety qualifications available. Aimed at health, safety and environmental practitioners, they require a lot of self study and dedication to achieve.

The NEBOSH National Diploma provides the core health and safety knowledge which underpins the competent performance of an occupational health and safety practitioner.

NEBOSH Diploma Courses

NEBOSH Certificates

A NEBOSH Certificate, particularly the NEBOSH General Certificate, is an ideal qualification for those with health and safety responsibilities within an organisation such as managers and supervisors.

A NEBOSH Certificate-level qualification provides a solid foundation in health and safety. Thay are amongst the most widely-held and respected health and safety qualifications in the UK, and indeed the world.

NEBOSH Certificate Courses


An Award-level qualification from NEBOSH provides delegates with a perfect introduction to the main principles and practice of health and safety.

The aim of the Awards is to provide a basic level of health and safety training for those who do not require a comprehensive qualification, as well as providing a foundation of knowledge for those that do wish to progress further.

NEBOSH Award Courses

NEBOSH Exam Only and Exam Resits

All of our course prices include the costs of one sitting for the necessary NEBOSH exams. Whilst we hope you won't, if you need to re-sit a unit(s), please talk to your account manager as discounted rates are available for those who have studied with us.

If you have self-studied, or have taken the course with another provider and wish to just sit the exams, we offer NEBOSH exam sittings at a price of £200 + VAT per person per exam unit. To see the list of currently scheduled exams, please click on the button below.


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NEBOSH Courses and their Benefits

If you are managing a business and want to make it as safe and as comfortable as possible for both clients and staff members, you need to consider the appeal of the specific training programs that are out there. Every accredited health and safety course by an awarding body has something unique to itself, but NEBOSH courses are known to be some of the most effective in helping staff became far more safety conscious moving forward. They provide accurate details about health and safety and common dangers that can then be used to ensure that all legal and moral duties are being met by your business within the realms of health.

If you want help in making your company's health and safety culture and processes far more effective than before then you need to look into the importance of following regulations to the letter, for both legal and moral reasons. Getting a strong grasp on the importance of using NEBOSH certifications throughout your business for training can be seen in their effectiveness, because:

1) They help to provide more than just the basics; NEBOSH courses break down things like dealing with fire hazards and being able to create and maintain safety throughout the premises by way of structured risk assessment methodologies and safety controls.

2) This makes a massive difference in learning how to spot risks throughout the business, even helping staff notice things that could be considered a health risk via illness for your staff.

3) Proactive and reactive monitoring systems that are made up to ensure that a business can rely on its staff to always meet the standards required.

4) Staff will be able to log detailed reports about the incident so that a thorough and detailed investigation can take place later on down the line for maximum effect and clarity.

5) A general health and safety certification can be the perfect way for staff to start getting the intermediate information mastered before going on to specialise in other areas such as construction or fire, and will help improve absence levels, injury levels and accident rates within the business.

6) Apart from a NEBOSH Diploma which requires a certain level of health and safety knowledge prior to starting as it is equivalent to a degree-level qualification, all other NEBOSH courses including the NEBOSH General Certificate can be taken by anyone, even those with little or no previous health and safety training or experience in a safety job role.

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Stick With Health and Safety Courses

In the current economic climate, many companies and organisations who are facing a tough time financially have a need to cut costs. Unfortunately, in this situation, spending on health and safety training and courses is often an area which faces the axe. Whilst it may reduce costs, this can also have the adverse effect of putting workers lives at risk, and may even be counter-productive as the cost of fines for breaches of safety regulations, compensation claims for negligence and lost days due to worker absence can all end up costing the company more than it would be by putting your employees on the health and safety courses in the first place.

Not only can gaining qualifications like the NEBOSH General Certificate or specific training on subjects such as permit to work systems, help your employees work safely to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries which force them to take time off work, but workers who feel like the company takes their safety and welfare seriously are often more highly motivated, which in turn increases their productivity and loyalty to the company. They are less likely to demand higher wages to cover the high level of risk they face, or want to find alternative employment elsewhere which is safer.

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