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NEBOSH Award Courses

An Award-level qualification from NEBOSH provides delegates with a perfect introduction to the main principles and practice of health and safety. The aim of the Awards is to provide a basic level of health and safety training for those who do not require a comprehensive qualification.

The NEBOSH Award qualifications also provide an introduction to further NEBOSH qualifications (i.e. NEBOSH Certificates and NEBOSH Diplomas), although are not required in order to enrol straight onto a more comprehensive NEBOSH qualification.

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NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work

A NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work qualification will benefit organisations who are hoping to implement a health and safety management system.

Health and safety at work training will ensure that your workforce, especially supervisory staff, can apply the principles of risk assessment and control common workplace hazards to help to reduce accidents in the workplace and achieving cost savings for the business.

The course is also designed as a foundation course to allow progression to the NEBOSH General Certificate.

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Why Take a NEBOSH Award Course?

The NEBOSH Award courses are ideal for those new to the world of health and safety, and/or those who require a general introduction to health and safety principles and practice.

Health and safety in the workplace is the responsibility of everybody. Working in close proximity to others means that the actions or inactions of one person can have a serious impact on somebody else. So not only are people looking after their own safety and well-being when at work, but they also need to consider how they will be affecting others nearby.

Health and Safety Dangers Exist in All Workplaces

It is necessary for all workers to learn about health and safety risks, not just because of the impact they can have on those around them, but also due to the fact that there are so many hazards likely to be present. There will not be a single workplace in any industry or location where there will not be at least a few potential risks to the health, safety and well-being of employees.

Just as in life in general, risk is ever present in a place of work. All that managers and employees can do is reduce these risks as far as is reasonably practical.

Obviously some places of work and certain industries will, overall, be more dangerous and contain more potential hazards than others. An office for example will still contain threats to safety and well-being such as manual handling risks and fire hazards, but will not be considered as dangerous a place of work as an oil refinery or a steelworks.

Those working in certain industries, such as those mentioned above, will require specialised health and safety training which is tailored to the specific risks that are present. However, all workers, no matter what industry they are in or what job role they have, will require some form of health and safety training.

Common sense alone, whilst useful, is not enough to keep a person safe at work. Without learning about the actual risks that are present, and how their actions or inactions can contribute to the occurrence of an accident, they will be a danger to themselves and to others. Only by learning necessary safety information will they have the knowledge about COSHH hazardous substances that may be present on site, the requirement for permits to work around certain high risk tasks, or being aware of the potential threat from sharp objects which the individual may be completely oblivious about without formal training.

It Is Not Practical for Everyone to Take a Qualification Like a NEBOSH Diploma

So whilst health and safety training is vital for all managers and all employees, their level of knowledge and the level needed to be taught will vary.

In an ideal world, every single person in the business would have a comprehensive health and safety qualification like a NEBOSH National Diploma under their belts. Unfortunately though, it will not be practical to train every single person in the company up to this level.

Financial cost, time availability and their level of responsibility will all play a part in the decision as to how much safety training is provided. The nature of the industry and the work involved will also be taken into consideration. For instance, a worker at the bottom of the corporate hierarchy at a nuclear power plant is still likely to need more safety training than a shop floor worker in another industry with less potential for creating catastrophic consequences.

For some a simple, basic understanding of the major health and safety risks is all that they will require, which is where the NEBOSH Award courses come into their own.

A NEBOSH Award Course is Ideal for Beginners

Similar in target audience to the IOSH Working Safely course, a NEBOSH Award course is perfect for those who have little or no previous training in the subject of health and safety, and who only need a short, general overview of health and safety in the workplace, as opposed to a lengthy, complicated qualification.

Many people choose to begin their learning with a NEBOSH Award course, before then taking their studies further with a more in-depth NEBOSH qualification.

Even though there are no pre-requisites in terms of previous qualifications achieved, knowledge acquired or experience levels in order to enrol on a NEBOSH Certificate-level qualification, many individuals choose to start with an Award course so that they at least have a firm understanding of the basics before building upon this knowledge and sitting on a course which has a much more detailed syllabus.

Of course, a person does not need to take a further course if the NEBOSH Award provides all that they need, but most people find that once they start learning about a subject, particularly if it is one they are interested in like the environment, they obtain a desire to further their knowledge, with an ultimate goal of achieving more in their career.

In-House Health and Safety Training Courses
In-House Health and Safety Training by the BCF Group

An in-house health and safety course is one of the most cost-effective methods of providing training to your employees. Although open courses will provide a tremendous amount of valuable information, it may be the case that not all of it will be 100% relevant to them, and it certainly won't be tailored to your specific industry, working practices and the specific hazards they have the potential to encounter whilst at work.

For more information, please see our in-house health and safety training page by clicking here.

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