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NEBOSH Environmental Certificate

  • Level 3 Qualification
Two environmental workers at a wind turbine

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate, or NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental Management to give it its full title, is an environmental health and safety course which is intended to be taken by managers, supervisors and any other employees who are responsible for managing environmental issues at their workplace.

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate qualification focuses on UK law, so is really only suitable for those who are based and operate within the UK.

You can become an Associate Member of IEMA (AIEMA) if you have completed the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate within the last 3 years. You are automatically eligible for Associate membership and are exempt from the exam.

The BCF Group are pleased to announce that NEBOSH Environmental Certificate classroom training courses have now resumed.

The health and well-being of our customers and staff members is our top priority, which means that for the foreseeable future, certain safety measures will have to be in place. This includes classrooms configured to allow for social distancing, and a reduction of the number of people able to book on and attend each course.

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What Does the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Cover?

A factory releasing harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate syllabus covers a variety of topics including:

  • Environmental management systems
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Sources and use of energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Planning for and dealing with environmental emergencies
  • Control of pollution

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Classroom Courses

Unfortunately there are currently no NEBOSH Environmental Certificate classroom courses scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Classroom Course Assessed?

This accredited NEBOSH qualification is assessed by one exam lasting 2 hours, and a workplace-based practical environmental inspection project. The exam for the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is conducted in our training centres at the end of your course, and the project is completed in your own workplace. The project should take no longer than 3 hours to complete and you will have 7 days from the end of the course to return it to us by post.

There are no pre-requisites for enrolling on the course, and no previous knowledge of environmental management is necessary. Potential candidates should be aware though of the requirement to write a short report, so a good knowledge of English is needed.

When Will I Receive my Results and Certificate?

Those who successfully complete the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate course and pass the assessments are awarded the official NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental Management. Certificates are forwarded directly to the candidate by NEBOSH approximately 16 weeks after the completion of the course although results are usually issued within 10 weeks.

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Distance Learning

Studying the NEBOSH Diploma by distance learning

Whilst we would always recommend a classroom course as the best option for learning the information, passing the assessments and achieving the qualification, we realise that for some people, taking five days out of the workplace will simply not be an option. Therefore, we also offer an the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate course by distance learning.


Support is provided throughout, with expert tutors being available by phone, e-mail, Skype or secure messaging. Although it might not be as good as having a tutor right there with you in the room, you will still have a good support system in place as you progress with your distance learning studies. There is also an invitation-only Facebook Group where students can discuss topics with each other and NEBOSH course tutors.


To achieve the qualification, candidates must pass a 2 hour written exam (which can currently be sat in London, Birmingham or Manchester), and a practical assessment carried out in the candidate's own workplace. This practical assessment needs to be completed within 14 days of sitting the written examination.

Candidates also need to have completed both parts within two years of registration.

Cost and Additional Fees

The distance learning NEBOSH Environmental Certificate course costs £395.00 + VAT. This price does not include the NEC1 and NEC2 exams/assessments. These can be booked when you have completed your studies and are ready to take them. Students enrolled with us receive a 50% discount on our NEBOSH exam only prices.


Please click on the button below to book and enrol on the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate distance learning course.

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Why Training Like The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is Needed


Too often an accident or situation arises which causes a lot of damage to the health and safety of people or the wellbeing of the environment, and afterwards managers regret not giving more attention to prevention. By this time it is too late, and no amount of regret or wishing they could change the past will alter what has just taken place. Safety and well-being for people and the environment depends upon forward thinking, comprehensive planning and detailed health and safety training in order to minimise the probability of such incidents taking place.

Environmental Training

Prevention is far more preferable to dealing with the consequences, which is why many managers choose a NEBOSH Environmental Certificate training course for their staff members, in addition to health and safety courses on other topic areas. This training course will provide attendees with knowledge regarding preventing harm to the environment as a result of workplace operations, not to mention advisable course of actions in the event of an environmental situation or emergency occurring.

A Lack Of Training Can Cause Harm After The Event Also

Without such environmental training, not only is there an increased risk of such an incident happening, but there is also the distinct possibility that after one has occurred, a lack of appropriate training and knowledge will cause employees to either put themselves in danger by attempting to remedy the situation, and/or make a situation worse than it already is through trying to make it better but ultimately causing even more harm. They can do this through causing the hazard to affect a far greater area, such as using water to clean up a spill which actually causes the harmful chemicals to seep into the local groundwater where it can cause damage to plants, aquatic life and to animals which drink from nearby streams and rivers that have become polluted.

How Will Environmental Training Help?

Proper training in environmental matters will greatly assist workers and employees know what to do in the event of a situation, and provide a greater awareness of how their actions or inactions could bring about such a circumstance. Managers too will also benefit from a NEBOSH Environmental Certificate course or similar health and safety training in order to be aware themselves of the risks and the possible protective measures which could and should be put into place.

Consider The Nebosh General Certificate Qualification In Addition

A number of course candidates will also complete a NEBOSH General Certificate course as well as the Environmental Certificate. Although it is by no means a pre-requisite, the General Certificate will provide a lot of information on the numerous other health and issues which are likely to be present in a typical place of work.

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate for Safeguarding Reputation


Any incident which negatively affects the environment can have an impact upon the reputation of a company. In the same way, an accident or incident which has an impact on the health and safety of workers or members of the public who happen to live or work in the vicinity can have an equally damaging influence on a business's reputation. To minimise the potential for these damaging incidents to occur, managers must seek to ensure that their workforce is highly trained and fully aware of their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions. This can be achieved primarily through health and safety training, and where the environment is concerned, through courses like a NEBOSH Environmental Certificate where delegates will learn about many aspects of environmental safety, in particular how they and the business can affect the environment.

Why Is A Company Reputation So Important?

Commercial companies rely upon positive brand image and corporate recognition for sales. If nobody knows about them and their products, then only those who happen to stumble across them by accident will buy them rather than actively seeking them out.

However, recognition on its own is not enough. Whilst everybody may know the name, if a company has a negative reputation, then consumers can actively avoid the company's products or services, in addition to encouraging others to do the same. This can happen in cases of environmental disasters such as oil spills, for example the call to boycott Exxon after the Exxon Valdez tanker incident.

Corporate reputations are therefore extremely important for the sales, and therefore profitability, of a company. For any commercial business, a lack of sales will be a major problem which could ultimately force it to cease trading if it continues for too long. As environmental impacts as well as health and safety breaches are two of the biggest potential influences upon brand image, an appropriate level of attention needs to be paid to these areas, including not scrimping upon investing in health and safety and environmental training for staff members. Even with automatic safeguards in place, the actions of your employees will ultimately determine whether or not a safety or environmental incident takes place. Therefore it is imperative that your people are suitably trained.

Reputation And Time

A company's reputation is, in effect, the level of trust which potential customers place in the business for it to be responsible and to provide a quality service. Company reputations are the same as trust in that it can take a long time to be built up, but can be destroyed in a very short space of time, and afterwards can take an even greater amount of time to be regained. For this reason a company needs to work hard to safeguard its reputation and corporate image at all times, including investing in appropriate areas such as training, reliable equipment and automatic safety features. As with any issue of health and safety or protection of the environment, prevention is far more preferable than having to deal with the aftermath of something happening, which means every possible precaution needs to be considered and taken before anything does happen.

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Other NEBOSH Courses

Please see below for some other NEBOSH courses and qualifications which you may be interested in:

NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

The NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is the flagship NEBOSH qualification, and is the first UK vocational qualification to be developed specifically for health and safety professionals.

The NEBOSH National Diploma provides the core health and safety knowledge (transferable across industry, commerce and the public sector) which, combined with understanding and appropriate application, underpins the competent performance of an occupational health and safety practitioner.

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NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

The NEBOSH General Certificate is one of the most popular and widely-held health and safety qualifications in the UK. It is intended to be taken by managers, supervisors and any other employees who require an understanding of general health and safety issues.

The NEBOSH General Certificate covers the main legal requirements for health and safety in the UK, along with the identification and control of workplace hazards, and the practical application of this knowledge. The general content of the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus means it is suitable and relevant for those working in virtually any industry, and is often used as a solid foundation for those going on to further study and specialising in a particular area such as construction site health and safety or fire safety.

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NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate is aimed primarily at managers and supervisors who are responsible for fire safety within their organisation and compliance with applicable fire safety legislation.

The course aims to give delegates the knowledge to conduct and review fire risk assessments, along with fire prevention and protective measures within most workplaces.

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NEBOSH Courses and Environmental Topics

Environmental health and safety training has gained in popularity over the last few years as businesses become more concerned over how their impact upon the environment is perceived by both potential and existing customers for their products. A number or businesses have suffered dramatic and damaging falls in revenue and profit as a result of their reputation and brand image being tarnished by their environmental impact.

Consumers are not the only ones who have a keen interest in the activities of the organisation. Governments have been particularly keen to introduce tougher environmental laws and regulations in an attempt to curb damage to the environment both on a national and on a global scale. As a result, companies which do not comply with any applicable environmental legislation can find themselves in trouble with the authorities.

This all means that environmental concerns are now given a section of the syllabus on a variety of accredited health and safety training courses, with NEBOSH courses being no exception. Along with a dedicated environmental qualification like the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate, others such as NEBOSH General Certificate courses and the NEBOSH Construction Certificate will also provide information to delegates on how their actions can negatively impact the environment.

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