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Benefits of a NEBOSH General Certificate Course Tutor

Course Tutors Play an Important Part in a Course

The role of the tutor in providing health and safety training is often underestimated, particularly during accredited courses like the IOSH Managing Safely or NEBOSH General Certificate. Not only do they impart the information required by the syllabus, but their teaching style, experience and knowledge of the subject all plays a crucial role in achieving the objective of assisting attendees pass the course assessments and actually acquire the qualification.

Focusing Solely on Cost can be a Costly Mistake

Too often, the cost of health and safety training is the primary concern and the be all and end all of decision makers. They believe that all training will be the same, especially when offering the same product such as accredited courses with a syllabus that is set by the relevant awarding body. Surely one NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is no different to one provided by another health and safety training provider? In reality though, teaching styles, training facilities, tutor experience, provision of training materials, class sizes and other considerations all play a part in the likelihood of success. Opting for the cheapest training possible not only results in poor value for money more often than not, but may end up not getting you or your employees the accredited qualification at the end of it. Value for money should always be more of a consideration than price alone. Which is better, paying a smaller yet still substantial amount of money and not achieving the qualification through not passing the exams, or paying a bit more and actually passing the course?

The Presence of a Course Tutor is Important on a Sizeable NEBOSH General Certificate Course

The lack of a course tutor is one of the primary reasons for pass rates being lower amongst those undertaking a NEBOSH General Certificate via an online course or through distance learning as opposed to a classroom-based course. In the classroom, not only do individuals have other students in the room with them to learn from and understand the health and safety risks involved with their industries, but the constant presence of the course tutor enables questions to be asked and certain points clarified instantaneously. When ploughing through an online course or corresponding through distance learning, responses can be slow (if they come at all) and students may feel that their question is so minor that they do not need to bother getting in communication with someone at the provider to ask. This can lead to confusion and misunderstanding of important information, which can obviously have detrimental effects when it comes to answering the questions in the examinations.

Also, trying to learn all of the information contained in the syllabus of the NEBOSH General Certificate by reading it all on the computer screen or through distance learning correspondence will be exceptionally difficult (it does take ten full days of classroom training normally after all!). Whereas this knowledge is reinforced on a classroom course through exercises and group work, simply reading through ten days' worth of pages and pages of text by yourself will soon start to see concentration levels wavering and much information being missed, or rather, not retained in the memory for the exams. A large part of the course tutor's skill is in keeping delegates interested and engaged in the session so that they learn what is being taught.

Keeping Delegates Interested on NEBOSH General Certificate Courses

Although some people enjoy the subject and indeed cannot get enough of it, for the vast majority of people out there health and safety is not the most exciting topic in the world, especially as they believe that much if not all of it is simply common sense. As a result, many company employees who are instructed that they have been booked on to a NEBOSH General Certificate health safety training course which lasts for two weeks may acquire a sense of dread and trepidation thinking that they will be bored on the course, having to listen about health and safety for a fortnight.

One of the key reasons for such high pass rates and for delegates to continue their health and safety training with us by taking further qualifications such as a NEBOSH Diploma for example is the fact that we recognise that to absorb and retain the information required for passing the assessments, it is imperative to keep delegates interested on the course. One of our philosophies and mantras which we introduced long ago was "no more death by PowerPoint", meaning that bombarding course attendees with endless presentation slides was a sure-fire way of having them switch off, lose attention and subsequently miss vital information which is not only important for them to later recall to pass the assessment and achieve the qualification, but also to actually put this new health and safety knowledge into practical use when back in the workplace, which essentially is what attending a health and safety training course is all about!

Our expert health and safety trainers, many of whom have been with us for many years, have carefully adapted and refined their training techniques over that time to ensure that delegates are kept fully engaged during the training and that the maximum amount of information is imparted to them. This gives them a much higher chance of passing the assessment.

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