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Health and Safety Consultations

Managers in an organisation can be like monarchs in war time; whilst they may think that they know everything and the correct course of action to take at all times, a failure to listen to their generals who are actually in amongst the fighting and know exactly what is going on can be disastrous and lead to incorrect decisions and a failure to respond to changing circumstances.

The above scenario can be applied to managers when it comes to health and safety within an organisation. It is all very well sitting in the boardroom writing policies, procedures and devising health and safety training plans for employees, but this isolated environment does not allow them to hear about the actual risks and dangers that workers on the shop floor are facing, some of which the managers may not even have thought of. Only by talking to workers and going down to where the work takes place can they learn of the full extent of any risks.

Health and safety consultations between managers and workers play a key part in creating a health and safety culture and procedures which are truly effective at minimising the risks and dangers to employees. In small companies this can be done directly between managers and employers, whereas in large organisations the managers may need to meet with stewards and representatives of the workers who can pass on the concerns and issues.

Through consultations and open dialogue, managers and employees can work together to create a working environment which poses as little risk to the safety and health of all those who work there as far as is reasonable practical. This can be combined with health and safety qualifications like the NEBOSH General Certificate or bespoke health and safety training courses to create a safer place of work.

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