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How NEBOSH General Certificate Courses and Manual Handling Training are Related

Health and Safety Training Can Sometimes Overlap

Health and safety training covers many different topics and areas. Quite often, two of these topics can overlap and deal with the same issues, especially when a method of working can cause more than one example of a hazard or risk to a person's health.

For example, using power tools to cut or drill not only has an associated danger of injury if the blade or drill bit comes into contact with a part of the operator's body such as their hand, but there is also the added threat of COSHH hazards from the large amounts of dust which will be created by the cutting or drilling process.

Health and Safety Courses

The same is true of different health and safety training courses insofar as the syllabus content and subject matter can often overlap or deal with similar hazards and dangers to health.

The NEBOSH General Certificate and manual handling training courses are a prime example of such a situation. Whilst manual handling courses deal specifically with the perils associated with lifting, moving and other forms of manipulating loads - and as a consequence teach course attendees a great deal useful and worthwhile knowledge to help them avoid injury - the syllabus of the NEBOSH General Certificate also covers this topic, although not in as much detail as a course which concentrates solely upon the one topic.

NEBOSH General Certificate and Manual Handling

Manual handling with a mechanical aid to assist

As manual handling related conditions are amongst the most common reasons for workers to require time off, particularly as they can be brought about through doing tasks in virtually any industry, it is little wonder therefore that NEBOSH General Certificate courses feature manual handling safety issues on the course syllabus.

These injuries and conditions are so simple, quick and easy to bring about from simple actions such as lifting, twisting, pushing and pulling of a load, but often result in the necessity for a long period of absence away from the workplace as the person requires complete rest for the injury to heal. This obviously is not only a problem for the employee in terms of possible financial concerns and boredom from having to sit at home all day (not to mention the pain of the injury!), but will also play havoc with the company's plans as well as costing them money too in all likelihood as they have to bring in cover and possibly pay sick pay to a person who is off injured and so not contributing anything to the output of the company. It is for this reason why companies are keen to invest in manual handling training along with other health and safety training courses, as in the long run the amount saved will often be far in excess of the cost of the original training.

So it is no surprise that those attending NEBOSH General Certificate training will learn about manual handling issues, as the General Certificate aims to provide delegates with an overview of the most common hazards and dangers to the health, safety and wellbeing of people in virtually any industry.

Choosing Manual Handling Training or a NEBOSH General Certificate Course?

Along with many other hazards and risks to health including fire, electricity, chemical and biological hazards etc, those attending NEBOSH General Certificate courses will also learn about the risks and consequences of incorrect manual handling techniques and the long-term injuries that can occur as a result of poor manual handling in the workplace.

It will be up to the individual employee(s), or their manager, as to whether attending a NEBOSH General Certificate course or a specific manual handling training course will be the best course of action and most effective use of their time and money. That being said, large numbers of people will do both, as the information taught during the General Certificate training course in addition to the manual handling knowledge provided will prove to be exceptionally valuable in making employees aware the dangers which exist in a typical place of work, and how their actions or inactions can result in catastrophic accidents and incidents.

Who is the NEBOSH General Certificate Aimed at?

The NEBOSH General Certificate is typically taken first by those with little or no previous knowledge or training in health and safety matters, who then go on to specialise in certain areas by undertaking more specific courses concentrating on particular topics such as fire safety, construction site safety, or other such sphere of expertise.

As mentioned earlier, the content of the course syllabus provides a tremendous amount of general knowledge regarding health and safety that will applicable to the majority of workplaces. It is therefore an ideal starting point for those who wish to begin their career as a health and safety professional within their company or in the future.

The Benefits of Bespoke Manual Handling Training

We have seen that the NEBOSH General Certificate course will provide some information on the topic of safe manual handling but will not cover it in-depth, whilst a manual handling course will focus solely on the topic and provide more specific information.

However, even a manual handling open course may not provide the depth of knowledge that you are looking for when seeking to provide training for your employees. A scheduled open course that has attendees from many different companies and industries will provide solid, general manual handling knowledge that will be applicable for a lot of situations, but it will not be specific and tailored to the exact loads and risks that are encountered by your employees at your particular workplace.

For this, and to get the most out of the training time available, a bespoke manual handling training programme is the most effective option if the training budget will allow for it. Rather than talking about manual handling dangers in general, or providing generic information on safe lifting, a bespoke manual handling course will talk about issues such as:

  • The exact objects your employees are manipulating and the potential risk they pose
  • The correct way to lift, move etc those specific loads
  • How the layout of your premises and working area affect manual handling for your workers, and how changes can reduce the risk of injuries
  • Using suitable and appropriate mechanical aids

NEBOSH General Certificate Articles

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