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In-House NEBOSH General Certificate Training


The NEBOSH National General Certificate is one of our most popular health and safety training courses, with a lot to learn but definitely worth the effort, and is in fact one of the most recognised and respected qualifications available to those who will have health and safety responsibilities as part of their job role.

What is the NEBOSH General Certificate about?

As the name suggests, NEBOSH General Certificate training aims to cover a wide variety of the most common hazards to worker health and safety in the majority of workplaces, looking at topics including manual handling training, electrical safety, hazardous substances, fire risks, and using work equipment safely to name just a few. This is why it is such a popular qualification which is relevant for a large number of people.

The National General course also covers relevant UK law and legislation regarding health and safety. For those not working in the UK there is an International version available also.

NEBOSH General Certificate Training

We offer regular NEBOSH National General Certificate courses at training venues across the UK, where individual candidates can book on or companies with one or two employees to take the course can send them. However for companies who have four or more employees requiring this qualification an in-house NEBOSH General Certificate training course will be much more cost effective as we charge a daily training rate rather than a per delegate fee. This means that the more people you put on the course the lower the price per head will be and will work out much cheaper than putting them all on an open course.

In-house NEBOSH General Certificate courses, or indeed any in-house health and safety training courses for that matter, also have the added benefit of being run at your premises. Whilst it is certainly possible to run training programmes for your employees at an external location if you do not have the facilities available to accommodate the sessions, one of the biggest advantages of in-house training is having all of your employees come to work as normal. This saves a great deal of hassle which would otherwise occur from having to organise and communicate the location of the training to everyone scheduled to attend, making sure they all know where they are going and on which day, dealing with people who forget and turn up to the workplace as normal etc.

For more information regarding in-house NEBOSH General Certificate training, and the benefits of the NEBOSH General Certificate for you and/or your employees, please call us on 0844 800 3295 or send us an online contact form with your requirements by clicking on the "Contact" tab at the top of the page.

NEBOSH General Certificate Articles

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