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Management Responsibilities for Health and Safety


The organisation of health and safety and the responsibilities of those in charge within a place of work such as directors and managers is covered in the syllabus of NEBOSH General Certificate courses and aims to teach course delegates how everybody at all levels of an organisation has a responsibility towards health and safety at work. However it is those at the management level who have the greatest obligation for the provision of health and safety controls and procedures in the workplace.

Health and Safety Starts at the Top with Managers

Just as managers are responsible for control measures and the direction of the company in other areas such as cost controls, health and safety needs to start at the top where those in a senior position are proactive in their tackling of issues to prevent injury and accidents to their employees. The culture of the organisation and the working practices of the employees are largely influenced by the actions of those at the top. So, for example, if those at the top of the management hierarchy cut corners and turn a blind eye to breaches of safety regulations then workers will perceive this as acceptable and take risks whilst performing their workplace duties. This greatly increases the chances of an accident occurring.

How can the NEBOSH General Certificate Qualification Help Managers?

The NEBOSH General Certificate conveys the importance and necessity of management's role in health and safety at their company. As well as being a legal requirement in many countries including the UK, it is also in the company's best interests to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment in terms of the financial benefits they will gain. Not only will the company not be at risk of having to pay a fine for failing to comply with applicable safety legislation if they do things as they should, but they will also reduce the likelihood of having to deal with staff being absent from work through ill health, not to mention the risk of being sued by those made ill or suffering an injury.

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