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NEBOSH Environmental Certificate or NEBOSH General Certificate?

Environmental issues are such an important factor nowadays for companies of all sizes, with an increasing amount of resources being allocated for training staff members about how their actions might have a detrimental impact upon the surrounding environment. With the damage that can be done to a business's reputation and brand image, not to mention the trouble they can get into through breaches of environmental regulations, it is little wonder that so much attention is being paid to ensuring that workers are fully up to speed and have a detailed level of knowledge regarding potential harm to the environment.

We have already seen in many of the other NEBOSH health and safety training articles how NEBOSH courses and qualifications are amongst the most sought after of pretty much any health and safety qualifications available in the world. As such, those who require environmental health and safety training will look to NEBOSH. Environmental issues are covered to different extents on the NEBOSH General Certificate and the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate qualifications. For those who require a detailed level of knowledge regarding environmental issues and topics such as environmental management systems, dealing with environmental emergencies, energy efficiency and waste management for example, they will be far better served by undertaking the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate which concentrates solely on issues relating to the environment and how the activities of a business and the actions (or inactions) of its employees can have an impact upon the surrounding environment.

For those who do not require such an in-depth level of environmental knowledge as the week-long NEBOSH Environmental Certificate provides, then the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus also includes an element covering environmental issues. This is far from as in-depth and detailed as it is on the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate, but is ideal for those who only require a brief overview of the main points of working safely and preventing damage to the environment through pollution or other factors.

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