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NEBOSH General Certificate and Human Reasons for Accidents

The Human Element of Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Management Systems element of the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus describes, along with lots of other information, the human element of health and safety. Despite all of the advances in technology in recent years which has led to the introduction of automated safety controls and safeguards to protect workers, it has to be remembered that it is still the case that the majority of accidents are caused by the actions or inactions of a person.

Safety Procedures Need to be Followed

The most common actions are those which deliberately circumvent and bypass any safeguards which have been put in place to prevent accidents and injuries from happening. Usually this is because workers are trying to get a job done quickly and cannot be bothered going through a safety procedure or checklist for example to ensure that the task is completed safely. It is up to managers to ensure not only that are up to speed and fully trained in how to manage safely, but also that their employees are adhering to all safety control measures which have been introduced for their protection. As managers are responsible for setting the working practices and health and safety culture which their employees follow, it is imperative that they themselves recognise the importance of health and safety and take it seriously, even if that means employees take slightly longer to complete certain tasks.

The NEBOSH General Certificate

Along with deliberate actions and inactions the NEBOSH General Certificate course will also explain how personal factors and the characteristics of certain workers will have an effect upon the way they work. For example their perception and attitude towards health and safety will be just as important as the amount of knowledge which they have about it. Having all the information in their head will mean very little if they do not apply it or take it seriously.

Worker Welfare and Well-Being

Working conditions too will play a part. Having tired, overworked employees and/or those having to work in poor conditions such as inadequate lighting or in uncomfortable temperatures will be more likely to either suffer an accident or cause one, which not only puts their own safety at risk but also that of those around them. Whilst employees should speak up about their concerns, again it is the responsibility of management to provide suitable working environments for their staff members, as well as monitoring their current physical and psychological state.

Health and Safety Management

Managers responsible for health and safety within their department or organisation who enrol and achieve the NEBOSH General Certificate will have a much greater awareness not only of how human factors have the potential to create accidents, but also what conditions and situations contribute to these actions, and subsequently what can be done to eliminate such conditions. It will also teach them about the importance of health and safety management systems, accident investigation, workplace safety culture, working environment and much more.

If you would like to find out more information about the NEBOSH General Certificate course, please click here to read the course outline and see scheduled dates and prices for open courses.

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