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NEBOSH General Certificate and Safety Controls

The Responsibilities of Managers and Directors

The majority of companies and company directors/senior managers will know that they have some responsibility for providing health and safety measures with regards to their workforce. However many will not know the extent of their responsibilities and what is required of them, and may not even have heard of legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act or the Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) regulations, let alone what is required to comply with them. This is where health and safety courses like the NEBOSH General Certificate are so important as they will contain information regarding health and safety legislation and the duties of management as required by law.

Avoiding the Temptation to Reduce Training and Relax Safety Controls

Whilst health and safety practices and control measures need to maintained at all times in order to keep the probability of a worker becoming injured or sick from their work, it is all too easy for these principles and intentions to fall by the wayside when times are tough. For instance, if the company is not performing very well financially there is likely to be a tendency to bypass certain safety controls in order to try and increase output. This greatly increases the danger not only to those doing the task but possibly to everybody nearby as well if an incident such as a fire or explosion were to happen. It would also really impact the financial status of the company in the form of fines, clean-up costs, repairs and lost production. So rather than saving money, which was the whole reason for avoiding the health and safety controls in the first place, it will actually end up costing the firm more than it would to provide workers with health and safety training courses.

It is imperative that the health and safety standards, safeguards and working practices are maintained at all times for the protection of everyone on the site. This will come directly from management, who should never entertain the idea of relaxing the controls which keep workers safe from harm, no matter what the current trading conditions are like.

Why Managers Play Such a Critical Role

The overall success or failure of creating a safe place of work will depend to a great extent upon the actions and willingness of workers, but will start from the top of the company hierarchy. If managers do not view health and safety as a priority or even think that it is important, then employees will quickly fall into the same way of thinking. Having this attitude, in combination with a lack of safety controls or effective plans and procedures, will significantly increase the risk of accidents occurring which puts the health, safety and welfare of company employees in jeopardy.

How Will the NEBOSH General Certificate Assist?

The NEBOSH General Certificate course is one of the most comprehensive qualifications available in terms of providing health and safety knowledge to those who attend. This is because the syllabus covers such a wide array of health and safety issues; ranging from legislation, to responsibilities to practical safety information regarding the most common hazards in a typical place of work including fire risks and coming into contact with dangerous substances.

Whilst it would be beneficial for those who enrol on a NEBOSH General Certificate course to have some health and safety experience, it is not essential as the course content is designed to teach everything that is needed for the assessment at the end. Not only will it therefore provide a tremendous amount of information which can be put to use when the person is back in the workplace, but it is also obtainable for a people with any level of prior experience and training.

NEBOSH General Certificate Articles

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