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NEBOSH General Certificate No Substitute for Electrical Training


The NEBOSH General Certificate course is so comprehensive and lengthy in comparison to other accredited health and safety courses which are available that it is easy to think that the wealth of information taught during it is enough to make a person an expert in all aspects of workplace safety. The reality is that the NEBOSH General Certificate intends, as the name suggests, to provide a general overview of many different hazards and dangers to health that can be encountered in a typical place of work. This means that far from becoming an expert in each and every topic, delegates will receive an overview which makes them aware of the dangers, but not an expert. Even the NEBOSH Diploma qualification which drills down into even more depth is not enough to become an expert in a particular topic.

Electricity is Particularly Dangerous

One such topic which is a prime example is that of electricity and electrical safety. Whilst NEBOSH General Certificate training does a good job of covering the risks posed by electricity such as electrocution and fires, it would be extremely remiss to think that just because a person has attended and passed the assessment for the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification that they are now an expert in all things electrical. To be so, they will need to attend and undertake specialist electrical training which is far beyond the scope and intended purpose of the NEBOSH General Certificate.

The same can be said really of any of the other topics taught by the NEBOSH General Certificate. For example the safety issues regarding fire are covered quite extensively on the syllabus, but certainly not to the extent of a specific fire training course like the NEBOSH Fire Certificate. Even then, this is unlikely to be enough for some job roles. The job role and tasks which the individual will be responsible for will determine what level of knowledge and training is required in order to satisfy any criteria demanded for them being able to carry out the function safely and correctly without putting themselves or others in danger.

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