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NEBOSH General Certificate or Construction Certificate?


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For those already in the construction industry, or those who are thinking about entering it and are interested in acquiring a NEBOSH qualification regarding construction health and safety, there will be a choice to be made between the NEBOSH General Certificate and the NEBOSH Construction Certificate.

Primarily this will come down to the level of detail and knowledge required, along with other factors such as the level of responsibility the person or persons have for overall site safety.

For individuals making the choice, it will also depend upon whether they are or intend to work in other industries in the near future. With the option for a NEBOSH Construction conversion course (discussed towards the bottom of this page), many people opt to complete both qualifications in order to give themselves maximum flexibility in their careers.

It is, however, important to learn about the differences between the two courses, who their intended audiences are, and what each syllabus contains in order to be able to choose the course which is most suitable for you and your requirements.

The NEBOSH General Certificate Provides a General Overview

This is due to the fact that, as the names of each qualification imply, the NEBOSH General Certificate provides a general overview of numerous health and safety risks for different industries.

Certain aspects of construction site safety and the hazards which are likely to be present wherever construction or building work is taking place are talked about on the NEBOSH General Certificate course, such as COSHH risks or manual handling. However, the information contained on the course syllabus regarding safety on a construction site will be fairly limited and generic, as the scope of the NEBOSH General Certificate is to provide overviews of the main hazards, rather than drilling down into specifics. For those that do need a more comprehensive construction safety qualification then the NEBOSH Construction Certificate will be a much better option.

Why is Construction Site Health and Safety Important?

Constructions sites are amongst some of the most dangerous places of work. With so many different hazards present, which can cause a whole range of injuries or illnesses, providing suitable health and safety training to your construction site workers is vitally important.

Just a small selection of the potential hazards and danger to life that exist on a construction site include:

These dangers are faced not only by the people who work on site, but also potentially by those who are visiting, such as inspectors or delivery drivers. As they will be unfamiliar with the site and its unique operations, additional steps need to be taken to keep them safe from harm such as extra supervision and escorting them safely around the site.

Site Managers Influence the Safety Culture on the Construction Site

The actions of site managers play a crucial role in the health and safety culture (or lack of) that prevails around the site and amongst those working on it. Just as in all other businesses and industries, managers are responsible for shaping the health and safety culture of their company. They set the example, and employees will take their lead from them.

If they are seen to take health and safety seriously, employees will follow suit, which leads to a safe place of work and, in most cases, are happier and more motivated workforce as they believe that the manager has their interests at heart. Conversely, if the manager is seen to cut corners and prioritise getting the job done as quickly and/or as cheaply as possible at the expense of worker safety, then site workers will feel under pressure to do the same, potentially putting their own and other people’s lives at risk.

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate is More Specific

The NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety, to give it its full and proper title, contains far more detail regarding construction safety than the General Certificate syllabus does. This is simply because it is a specific construction safety course, where the information is dedicated solely to working safely on a construction site and preventing harm to the individual, their colleagues and members of the public who may be affected by site activities or items on site (e.g. visitors or trespassers).

A NEBOSH Construction Certificate is a two week course, and subsequently contains more information than other shorter construction site safety courses such as the Site Management SMSTS and Site Supervisors SSSTS courses. The syllabus covers issues such as using tools and work equipment safely, excavations, working in confined spaces, demolition plus much more construction site specific topics.

The NEBOSH National Construction Certificate is one of the most respected health and safety qualifications with regards to construction site safety. Whilst a NEBOSH General Certificate will provide some useful and relevant knowledge, those who are specifically working in the construction industry, and need a course which is more in-depth than a CITB SMSTS or SSSTS course, should always opt for the NEBOSH Construction Certificate qualification.

NEBOSH Construction Certificate Conversion Courses

Because the NGC1 unit is common to both the NEBOSH General and the NEBOSH Construction syllabuses, those who have already completed the NEBOSH General Certificate and passed this NGC1 unit within the last five years can choose a shorter NEBOSH Construction conversion course which does not unnecessarily repeat this NGC1 unit. This takes less time, costs less money and removes the need to re-do work which is not needed in order to acquire the NEBOSH Construction Certificate qualification.

For more information on NEBOSH Construction Certificate conversion courses, please see the main course page which can be found by clicking here.

If you would like more information regarding either of the qualifications or your health and safety training requirements, please call us on 0844 800 3295 or send us an online contact form. If you would like to see the course outlines for either the NEBOSH General Certificate or the NEBOSH Construction Certificate, please click here to visit the NEBOSH Courses page.

NEBOSH General Certificate Articles

Please see below for some articles related to the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification which you may be interested in:

Articles related to the NEBOSH General Certificate course

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