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NEBOSH General Certificate or the Fire Certificate for Fire Training?

Fires are one of the most common risks to health and safety as they can occur in pretty much any place of work no matter what industry the company is engaged in or their activities. The combination of being such a common occurrence with the potential devastation they can cause for both life and property means that fire training is often high up on the list of health and safety training course priorities.

One of the main problems which an individual or the manager of a company has with regards to fire training is determining how much detail and depth of knowledge is required. Options range from short online fire training courses to an element in the NEBOSH General Certificate course right up to a dedicated fire qualification in the form of the NEBOSH Fire Certificate.

Whilst the NEBOSH General Certificate will provide course attendees with a good, sound level of information regarding fire safety such as sources of ignition, importance of emergency planning and procedures, principles of fire risk assessments and fire fighting equipment for a typical workplace, the NEBOSH Fire Certificate will cover these issues in much more detail as well as other relevant fire topics. So for those who wish to specialise specifically in fire safety the NEBOSH Fire Certificate will be the most suitable option, whereas the NEBOSH General Certificate may be enough for those who only require a general overview of fire safety topics.

Online Fire Safety Training Courses

Although lengthy and detailed qualifications like the NEBOSH General Certificate or NEBOSH Fire Certificate are not suitable for an online format, this method of training is good for short courses on a particular topic. Our online fire safety training courses include fire marshal courses, fire extinguisher training and basic fire awareness. For more information on these and our other online health and safety courses, please click here to visit our online courses section.

NEBOSH General Certificate Articles

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