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NEBOSH General Certificate Planning

Planning is a one of the most critical components of effective health and safety provision, and is an accepted fact that accident and incident prevention is far more preferable than dealing with the aftermath. Effective planning is so crucial that it is covered in detail on many health and safety training courses including the NEBOSH General Certificate and IOSH Managing Safely courses.

Health and safety plans can incorporate performing risk assessments to determine likely risks and dangers to those present on or nearby the business, devising contingency plans if something unexpected occurs such as flooding, planning improvements even if current safety measures are sufficient but could be better, and much more.

A failure to plan properly can not only make companies unprepared for unexpected circumstances or emergencies and so place workers, site visitors and nearby members of the public in danger, but can also greatly delay projects and tasks as work has to cease whilst the unanticipated requirements are fulfilled e.g. personal protective equipment which was not foreseen and ordered in time for when it is needed.

NEBOSH General Certificate Articles

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