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NEBOSH General Certificate Physical and Psychological Health Hazards

The physical and psychological health hazards and control element of NEBOSH General Certificate courses will deal with the effects that performing certain tasks and working in specific conditions can have on both a person's body and upon their mental state. It will look at certain forms of danger in a typical place of work including noise, vibration, stress and radiation.

The effects of these risks to health may not be seen immediately on the body which can make them particularly dangerous as a worker may not cease the action before damage has been done. Just like certain COSHH risks from substances which are hazardous to health, they can also be cumulative in their effects insofar as a small amount may not pose any danger, which can create the impression that it is safe, whereas in actual fact the long-term effects on the body can be severe and potentially fatal.

The danger from noise is likely to be the most common hazard in workplaces, as most places of work contain machinery which can be loud and can damage a person's hearing if it is of a certain volume or they are exposed to it for a significant amount of time. There are also environmental issues to consider with noise as well as it can disrupt the local community and there may be legislation to comply with.

Vibration will again come from the use of equipment, and is a particular issue for those working in the construction industry who have to use tools such as a pneumatic drill or electric sander. As a result it is covered in construction health and safety training courses including the NEBOSH Construction Certificate and CITB Site Management SMSTS and Site Supervisors SSSTS courses.

NEBOSH General Certificate Articles

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