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NEBOSH General or Environmental Certificate for Environmental Issues?

Environmental issues and subsequently their consideration with regards to health and safety and the prevention of accidents are playing an increasing role in the syllabuses of many health and safety training courses. This is because a company's effect upon the environment has such an impact upon their brand image these days with the increased reach of the news and social media campaigns that organisations who are viewed as heavy polluters or cause significant damage to the environment can all too soon find their products being snubbed and boycotted by consumers in response to their activities.

Environmental issues are such an important factor nowadays for companies of all sizes, with an increasing amount of resources being allocated for training staff members about how their actions might have a detrimental impact upon the surrounding environment.

So with environmental issues being included on the syllabus of many health and safety courses, many potential delegates can wonder which course is right for their needs.

The answer depends on the level of detail regarding environmental issues that they require from the course. For those that only require a brief, general overview of the main/most common issues regarding the environment and how their business activities can negatively impact upon it, the NEBOSH General Certificate will include an element which focuses on the most common environmental factors that can come into play for the majority of workplaces in various industries.

For those people who require an accredited training course which concentrates specifically upon environmental issues then the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is the one for them. This five day course covers a variety of different environmental factors including environmental management systems, impact assessments and dealing with any environmental emergencies which may occur (whilst environmental health and safety training should greatly reduce the risk of these occurring, unfortunately all risks can never be totally eliminated).

Other accredited courses will also include an environmental element in their respective syllabuses with regards to their overall target audience, for example the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) course which is intended for construction site managers will talk about the potential environmental issues that can come about through the activities of a construction site and those working on it. Similarly IOSH Managing Safely courses will touch upon environmental issues and specifically the environmental responsibilities which managers have with regards to the operations of their business and the people they employ.

So whilst those who only require a brief overview of environmental issues will probably find what they require in a general course such as the NEBOSH General Certificate or the IOSH Managing Safely course, those who require a detailed environmental knowledge would be better served by completing the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate. Incidentally, this can also be used as a basis for progression onto the NEBOSH Environmental Diploma qualification for those who want to take their environmental safety knowledge to the next level.

For those who do not require such an in-depth level of environmental knowledge as the week-long NEBOSH Environmental Certificate provides, then the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus also includes an element covering environmental issues. This is far from as in-depth and detailed as it is on the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate, but is ideal for those who only require a brief overview of the main points of working safely and preventing damage to the environment through pollution or other factors.

No Environmental Conversion after a NEBOSH General Certificate Course

For the NEBOSH Construction Certificate and the NEBOSH Fire Certificate, along with the full course there is also a Conversion Course available which is shorter in time and less expensive. This is because those who have already successfully passed and achieved a NEBOSH General Certificate within the last five years will not be required to repeat the NGC1 unit which is taught on the first week of a full NEBOSH Construction or Fire course. Those that have can just go straight to the construction or fire part of the course, saving them both time and money.

Some may wonder though why there is no NEBOSH Environmental Certificate conversion course. This is because unlike the Fire and Construction Certificates, the Environmental is a standalone qualification which does not contain this NGC1 unit. As a result there is no conversion course required as everybody will have to undergo the same training whether or not they have already acquired the NEBOSH General Certificate.

If you would like more information on either the NEBOSH General Certificate, the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate or indeed any of the other NEBOSH course options that are available, please click here to view the course titles and to read the respective course outlines and syllabus, including scheduled open course dates and the price for that venue.

NEBOSH General Certificate Articles

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