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Organising Health and Safety on NEBOSH General Certificate Courses


Health and safety within an organisation can take a heck of a lot of organisation. Its size and scope make it a hard enough task in a small company, but in a large one it can be extremely difficult. A failure to effectively organise the devising, communication, teaching and implementation of health and safety issues and measures can open up the potential for dangers to exist and risks which may lead to an accident. This is why NEBOSH General Certificate courses will pay close attention to the organisation of health and safety in a workplace in the syllabus.

The Need for Worker Involvement

A good way to manage and organise the successful integration of health and safety policies is to actively engage employees in the process, especially when it comes to identifying hazards and performing risk assessments as they are the ones most likely to encounter such a danger, rather than management sat in a boardroom well away from the areas containing most of the risks. Not only can workers help in the identification process of highlighting dangers to health, but they are also much more likely to accept and comply with the new safety measures or methods of working than they are if management simply issue decrees from up high and tell workers that they have to comply with it or else.

How Can Managers Hear the Views of So Many Employees?

A small company may be able to have managers communicate directly with employees when it comes to the organising of health and safety and idea generation, whereas for a large company with many employees this will be impractical and will require employee representatives to liaise between management and workers. This provides the opportunity for workers to have their views about safety and health issues in the workplace listened to by management.

Although it may take more time to move up thorough the line of communication, the collective views of employees are much more likely to be heard by utilising this method, as managers are unlikely to listen to lone individuals who happen to knock on their office door one day. In really big organisations, shop floor workers may not even have clearance to get into the same building as management. Even if they were willing to listen to everyone who had something to say about improving health and safety within the company, it is likely that they simply would not have the time available to spare. By having safety representatives who can gather all of the opinions and suggestions from individuals, and can then present a summary of the most common issues and ideas being mooted, much time can be saved and a clearer idea of what needs to be done acquired.

The Importance of Organisation

Organisation obviously plays a crucial part in ensuring that this process goes smoothly. The larger the business, the easier it is for the communication process to break down and critical modifications to the workplace missed. Effective organisation therefore plays a key role in the creation of maintenance of a safe place of work, and as such it is no wonder that it is given attention on the NEBOSH General Certificate health and safety course.

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