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Psychological Health Hazards and the NEBOSH National General Certificate


An element of the NEBOSH National General Certificate syllabus is devoted to psychological health issues and the causes and consequences that this far less obvious type of health and safety hazard has. It is less obvious because unlike an injury such as a cut or laceration which is immediately obvious to see and treat, the build-up and symptoms of psychological health issues are not easy to spot and may be being deliberately concealed by the sufferer.

What are Psychological Health Hazards?

These hazards are ones affecting the brain such as stress, depression and anxiety, along with mental health issues. They often occur over a period of time rather than a quick contributory factor like other health issues such as falls or cuts. As they are often hidden and concealed by a person it can be much more difficult for an employer or co-worker to notice that anything is wrong or that the person requires treatment for the condition.

Stress is the Most Common Psychological Health Hazard

Workplace stress is by far the most prevalent of psychological issues experienced by both managers and employees alike. It can be brought about by a variety of different causes including poor working conditions, unrealistic deadlines, inadequate tools and resources to perform a task, relationships with colleagues and management, perceived job security etc. Workplace stress can continue to build as the causes of it are not readily addressed if others in the workplace are unaware of the problems. This is why it is so important not only for those suffering from workplace stress to inform managers or colleagues about the issues they are encountering, but also for management to closely monitor their employees for signs of stress or other psychological or mental issues which may be building up and may come to a head one day in the form of a breakdown or an accident caused by the person which may endanger both themselves and others around them.

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