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Safe Movement of People on NEBOSH General Certificate Courses

Delegates enrolled and attending NEBOSH General Certificate courses and indeed on NEBOSH Construction Certificate and SMSTS courses as well will spend a lot of time dealing with issues regarding the safe movement of people in and around the workplace. The type of hazards that are present in a workplace will vary significantly depending upon the nature of the activities that go on there and the particular industry. For example there will be much different risks on a construction site than there will be in an office. Ensuring the safe movement of people will therefore have significantly different requirements from one workplace to another, and what may be sufficient for one may not be suitable for another.

The health and safety training courses mentioned above such as the NEBOSH General Certificate will deal with various issues regarding the safe movement of people and the types of dangers and risks to their health that would most typically be encountered. These include collisions with moving vehicles such as fork-lift trucks, colliding with stationary objects (e.g. driving a vehicle on site into a post), falling from height or down a hole, and the dangers posed by hazards that can lead to slips, trips and falls. The NEBOSH General Certificate will also look at the human reasons for accidents and how these potential issues can be monitored and put right before an accident takes place.

To help minimise these risks to workers and members of the public, the management of the business will not only need to perform suitable risk assessments and provide health and safety training to its workers, but they will need to incorporate sufficient monitoring processes in place to ensure that current health and safety controls are fit for purpose, as well as continually refining and improving upon existing safety procedures.

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