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Sit NEBOSH General Certificate Exams as Soon After the Course as Possible

The NEBOSH General Certificate is a Sizeable Qualification

After reading through the content of a NEBOSH General Certificate course it becomes clear that there is an enormous amount of information taught and knowledge imparted by the course tutor. All of this learning needs to be absorbed and retained by the individual so that they can call upon it when it comes to the exams and assessments.

Giving the Course the Respect it Demands

A number of people fail to achieve the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification because they do not afford it the respect it deserves, insofar as accepting that there is a lot of detail to be learnt. All too often certain candidates, particularly those who have already worked in a health and safety role for a period of time, turn up to the course with the attitude that any questions asked will simply be a matter of common sense and that they will be able to answer everything based on their experiences in the workplace.

The reality of the NEBOSH General Certificate, as it is for other qualifications and indeed health and safety in general, is that it is not just about common sense alone. Obviously there is always a large element of common sense which needs to be applied in any workplace or situation to avoid certain risks, but there is so much more to staying safe than common sense alone.

As far as the NEBOSH General is concerned, the course syllabus contains detailed information on such topics as relevant legislation, correct procedures for issues like accident reporting and investigation, safe exposure limits for hazardous substances, minimum distances for operating vehicles near electricity cables etc. This information is not simple common sense; it is specific detail which needs to be learnt.

Anyone who fails to approach the course in the right frame of mind and commit themselves to the fact that they will need to properly study and learn such detailed information will struggle to achieve the qualification. This is especially true of the NGC1 unit which focuses on health and safety law and legislation. This information cannot be guessed; it needs to be taught, understood and remembered.

The Need for Exams Soon After the Course Finishes

The very fact that there is so much detailed information which needs to be learnt is the same reason why the exams for the NEBOSH General Certificate need to be taken as soon after the course as possible. The more time that elapses between learning the information and recalling it in the exam, the greater the likelihood that it will have been forgotten during that time. This results in lost marks, too many of which can culminate in a fail and the need to re-take a unit at a later date, which causes even more time to elapse and more information to be forgotten.

Some candidates will intentionally try and spread out the taking of NEBOSH General exams. Whilst this may give them more time to devote to the study and revision for each unit, it is normally more than offset by the knowledge forgotten from the course itself, leading to a poor exam performance.

The Disadvantage of Waiting for a NEBOSH Standard Exam Sitting

Smaller training companies attempt to keep costs and NEBOSH General Certificate course prices low by linking into the NEBOSH standard exam sittings. These are exam sittings which are held by NEBOSH every quarter during the year. Whilst it may keep course prices low, it can mean a wait of up to three months between the end of the course and taking the exam. This also assumes that a candidate can attend the exams scheduled for that specific date. If not, it will mean another three month wait before the next sitting comes around. With so much happening in a person's work and personal life in that three months, a lot of information can be forgotten.

Larger health and safety training providers pay NEBOSH to be able to schedule exam sittings at their own premises when they choose. Scheduling courses which finish on a Friday, with the exams scheduled for the Monday, enables delegates to go into the exams with the information taught during the course fresh in their minds. Consequently, pass rates tend to be far higher, saving both time and money for delegates in not having to take exam re-sits.


The NEBOSH General Certificate qualification does take a lot of effort and dedication to achieve but it is worth it for those who successfully achieve it. Not only does it provide a great deal of information which a person can use to prevent harm from coming to themselves and to their colleagues, but it can also improve future job prospects as well as providing a solid platform for progression onto further health and safety qualifications like the prestigious NEBOSH Diploma for instance.

It is hard enough to achieve a NEBOSH General Certificate qualification without making life even more difficult for yourself by leaving a large amount of time between the exams and the course. Sitting the exams as soon as possible will give you the best possible chance of recalling information to answer the questions set.

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