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The NEBOSH General Certificate and Conversion Courses

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Those attending NEBOSH General Certificate courses and achieving the qualification will, after the conclusion of the training, have a tremendous understanding of a multitude of health and safety topics.

The NEBOSH General Certificate is such a comprehensive course in terms of the number of different hazards and issues covered, that it is regarded by many as one of the best health and safety training courses available in terms of the depth of information covered by the syllabus.

Whilst the NEBOSH General Certificate course provides an introduction to the issues of fire safety and construction site safety issues, those who wish to specialise in these areas should consider the NEBOSH Fire and the NEBOSH Construction Certificates respectively.

Why is There a Need to Specialise?

The NEBOSH General Certificate qualification - as the name suggests - is intended to provide a general overview of the main hazards that exist in a typical place of work. As the course will be taken by individuals working in a wide range of industries and different roles, it would be impractical for the course syllabus to drill down too deeply into each and every topic.

This is because if it did so, large parts of the training would not be applicable to the other people on the course who do not have a job role that needs them to learn about a sub topic of health and safety in such detail. Plus, the course would probably take about a year of full-time classroom training to teach if it tried to provide all of that information!

Job Role, Specialisation and Training – An Example

Fire, for example, is a hazard which has the potential to occur in pretty much any place of work, no matter what the industry or activities engaged in by a company. This is why every worker needs to be aware of the risks of fire, and what steps they need to take in order to minimise the chances of a fire in the workplace occurring.

However, whilst everyone needs to receive some level of instruction and fire safety awareness, their particular job role may not warrant the level of depth provided by a specific fire safety training course. Those who are in a role such as a health and safety officer, and have responsibility for leading the health and safety policies of the organisation, will require much more in-depth on fire safety than the NEBOSH General Certificate provides. For this particular level of responsibility, a NEBOSH Fire certificate, and perhaps even a NEBOSH Diploma qualification, could be required.

NEBOSH Conversion Courses

The good news for those who have already achieved the General Certificate within the last five years is that the NGC1 unit taught on the first week of the course is common to the General, Fire and Construction certificates which means that those who have already achieved the General Certificate within the last five years do not need to repeat this.

They can take Conversion Courses which do not include this first week, and so are not only less expensive, but also take less time to complete, and so prove an excellent option for those who have achieved the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification and now wish to obtain the Fire or Construction Certificates.

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is a Standalone Course

NEBOSH also have an environmental certificate qualification in the form of the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate. The syllabus of this covers environmental topics such as environmental management systems, environmental impact assessments, environmental emergencies plus much more.

This is a standalone qualification, in that it does not include the NGC1 unit. Therefore, there is no NEBOSH Environmental conversion course available, as there is no NGC1 unit to teach!

More Information Regarding NEBOSH Courses and Qualifications

For more information about NEBOSH courses click here to read the course syllabuses and outlines for the Certificate qualifications, as well as other NEBOSH courses such as the NEBOSH National Diploma and the Award courses. Alternatively please call us on 0844 800 3295 or contact us online with any queries regarding NEBOSH courses or any other aspects of your health and safety training requirements.

NEBOSH General Certificate Articles

Please see below for some articles related to the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification which you may be interested in:

Articles related to the NEBOSH General Certificate course

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