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The NEBOSH General Certificate for Managers

One of the Best Health and Safety Courses for Managers

Along with the IOSH Managing Safely course, the most popular of health and safety training courses for managers to attend is the NEBOSH General Certificate. This accredited qualification will provide a manager with a tremendous amount of information regarding many different areas of health and safety and the most common hazards which can normally be found in a typical place of work. Not only is this qualification highly beneficial for workers to have, but will also prove extremely valuable for managers and directors who will acquire a far more comprehensive understanding of the potential dangers and risks which their staff members face at work.

Why Health and Safety Knowledge is Required by Managers

Armed with this knowledge, they will be in a much better position to create, implement and promote a safe working environment and suitable health and safety culture within the business, as it is hard to introduce and encourage something when a person knows little about it. Understanding the activities of employees and in particular the hazards and dangers which they face is a crucial first step in addressing those issues.

The NEBOSH General Certificate for Changing Attitudes Towards Safety

Another key aspect for the success or failure of a health and safety culture and working practices within a business comes from employee's perceptions of the attitudes and actions of management. If they are seen not to take health and safety too seriously then they themselves will also believe that they do not need to bother with it too much. By attending NEBOSH General Certificate training and letting employees know about it, it will give off a positive impression that managers really do take health and safety matters seriously which will encourage workers to do likewise.

Health and Safety Training is Important for Everyone

There can be a perception that health and safety training is something which workers should receive but is not necessary for managers. However, as the above paragraphs show, it is just as important for managers so that they are aware of what needs to be done to prevent accidents in the workplace. Also, managers and directors have a legal responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of their employees, which means that they need to know current legislation and how it affects their businesses and its activities. It may be the case then that as well as getting up to speed with relevant legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act, managers may also benefit after attending a NEBOSH General Certificate course from training which concentrates on a specific hazard area such as COSHH training (hazardous substances), accident investigation training and fire training to name just a few examples.


Ultimately, managers are responsible for introducing the suitable measures to keep their workforce safe whilst they are on the premises or conducting work on behalf of the company. Not only will they need to actively promote a health and safety culture within the company, but they themselves also need to be well-trained in health and safety matters in order for them to understand their legal obligations, and to have a much more insightful awareness of the risks which are present, and as a consequence the effective remedies which can be taken to minimise or eliminate the danger to people or the environment.

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