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Why is the NEBOSH General Certificate Such a Popular Course?

The NEBOSH General Certificate is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely-known (not to mention respected) health and safety qualifications that can be taken by a person anywhere in the world. The NEBOSH National General Certificate focuses on United Kingdom law whilst the NEBOSH International General Certificate is intended for those living and based in other countries. This means though that the majority of employers will have heard of NEBOSH and their accredited qualifications of different levels such as the Awards, Certificates and Diplomas, and will hold them in high regard.

The fact that the qualifications are so well known, combined with the fact that the NEBOSH General Certificate covers such a wealth of health and safety information, are what makes this particular accredited qualification one of the most popular health and safety training courses in the UK and the world. The syllabus covers a large variety of the most common risks to safety, health and the environment that are likely to be present in a typical workplace, which is what makes it so suitable for such a large number of workers.

A NEBOSH General Certificate also provides a superb platform for those who wish to take their health and safety knowledge to an even higher level by taking a NEBOSH Diploma qualification. With both a NEBOSH National Diploma and a NEBOSH International Diploma qualification available, the respective Certificate qualification (National or International) will provide a basis for learning the advanced health and safety information taught on a Diploma course. With the amount of self-study that is demanded of those enrolled on a Diploma course, it is imperative that these delegates already know the information taught on a General Certificate so that they can go away and undertake the self-study successfully and to a standard necessary for satisfying the assessment criteria of the Diploma.

With very few, if any, alternatives to the NEBOSH General Certificate in terms of the comprehensiveness of the health and safety information taught and the respect it commands, the popularity of this qualification is unlikely to be diminished any time soon, and continues to be the most popular health and safety course that we provide by a long way.

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