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Why Does the NEBOSH General Certificate Syllabus Cover Electricity?

The subject of electricity and electrical safety is just one of many key topic areas of the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus, but is covered in quite a lot of detail because, like fire, electricity has the same combination of being:

  • Extremely dangerous with high potential of fatalities
  • Extremely common in that an incident can occur virtually anywhere in the workplace and be caused by a number of different factors

This combination means that an injury or worse from electricity can happen to anyone in the workplace at any time if certain actions are done (or not done) and suitable maintenance and regular inspections are not performed in a timely and competent manner.

The Course is Not Intended to Be Comprehensive and Complete

The page entitled "NEBOSH General Certificate no Substitute for Electrical Training" explains how the NEBOSH General Certificate course is by no means designed to provide attendees with a detailed knowledge of how to perform certain electrical tasks such as re-wiring the light fittings for example. It is also not intended to even provide a thorough and comprehensive level of detail regarding every single electricity-related danger and potential electrical hazard. Instead, like other topics taught on the syllabus such as the fire safety section or the information on COSHH and hazardous substances, what it will provide delegates with is a very good level of information about the main risks and hazards associated with each type of danger.

Not only can this be put to great use in substantially reducing the probability of them causing or suffering harm to themselves or others nearby, but can also form a comprehensive basis for progressing onto further study in the particular area which can furnish them with more detailed and in-depth knowledge of that particular topic than a NEBOSH General Certificate course will give them.

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