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Why is Working at Height Covered on a NEBOSH General Certificate Course?


Working at height is a common occurrence for workers in many different industries. Not only does it describe individuals working a long way off the ground, but also includes those who happen to be just a few feet off the ground such as on a stepladder for example. As a result the principles of working at height are taught on NEBOSH General Certificate courses due to the fact that it is such a common and prevalent danger to workers in many different industries.

Working at Height - The Reality

In fact, many individuals are often more at risk in a workplace where they have to work a few feet off the floor than if they had a job role which required them to work a long way above the ground. This is because when they have to work at great height more attention is given to providing suitable health and safety training and suitable safety equipment, whereas when being required to work a few feet up there is often a misconception that dangers can often be overlooked or deliberately ignored in the belief that there will not be much of a hazard or that it would be far quicker and simpler just to get up and do the task without messing around with safety gear.

NEBOSH General Certificate and Working at Height

The reality is that the majority of accidents occur to individuals working not far off the ground. Even a fall of just a few feet has the potential to cause severe injury or death if the person were to hit their head on the hard ground or on an object as they fall. Whilst it will not go into practical demonstrations regarding working at height or providing training on how to correctly tie a safety harness for example, what the NEBOSH General Certificate will provide is a general overview of the main hazards and potential dangers associated with working at height, along with a brief look at the Work at Height regulations which set out the requirements that companies and employers are expected to adhere to with regards to health and safety for their employees.

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