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Online NEBOSH and IOSH Courses

An online NEBOSH course is ideal for those who cannot take the time off work to attend a classroom NEBOSH course. The General and Construction certificate qualifications would require weeks rather than days out of the workplace, whereas an online training course allows you to take the course at times to suit you.

Although shorter in duration than the NEBOSH certificate-level qualifications, an IOSH Managing safely course would still require 3 days in a classroom, which is why the online IOSH Managing Safely course is so popular, as it can be taken at times to fit in with your personal and work commitments.

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Online NEBOSH and IOSH Health and Safety Courses

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Online NEBOSH Courses

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (or NEBOSH for short) was formed in 1979 and became the first health and safety awarding body to be accredited by the UK regulatory authorities in October 2000.

Accredited NEBOSH Courses and Qualifications

Online IOSH Courses

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) pride theselves on being the leading body for health and safety professionals, with over 38,000 individual members. As an independent and not-for-profit organisation, IOSH aim to regulate and steer the profession, maintaining standards and providing impartial, authoritative guidance on health and safety issues.

Online IOSH Health and Safety Courses

Discounts are available for multiple licence purchases. Contact us to find out more!

Things to Consider Before Choosing a NEBOSH Online Course

Man on laptop distracted at home by crying child

Being able to study in your own time, coupled with the much lower price, can make an online NEBOSH course a more attractive option than a classroom one.

The price in particular is the thing which a lot of people prioritise, especially when there is such a difference between the two, and causes many to choose the online option without considering the potential pitfalls. All too often, an online course which was supposed to be cheaper can end up costing them more than a classroom course!

This is because many people forget that there are quite challenging assessments to pass at the conclusion of the training in order to achieve the accredited qualification. Simply clicking through the information is not enough; it needs to be learned, understood and retained, ready to be called upon during the exams.

As most people who choose an online NEBOSH course do so in order to achieve a NEBOSH-accredited health and safety qualification to put on their CV and make them more attractive to prospective employers, not passing the assessments and not actually achieving the qualification can be disastrous.

Having to spend hours and hours reading information off a screen can be very difficult for even the most focused of individuals. Combine this with the fact that health and safety is not always the most exciting of subject matter, and that topics like the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 need to be learned and remembered in detail, and it can soon lead to switching off and “reading on autopilot”, where a person reads the words but does not take them in.

A happy, positive tutor in a classroom training course

In our experience, when it comes to such large and detailed qualifications like the NEBOSH courses are, there is no substitute for a classroom course that has a knowledgeable course tutor there in the room. Not only will they present the course content in a manner which keeps delegates engaged at all times and helps them retain far more information, but they will be able to answer questions and clarify points there and then. Although online courses do feature tutor support by phone, email Skype etc., it is nowhere near the same.

Whilst some people are able to take an online course such as an online NEBOSH General Certificate and successfully pass - particularly if they already have health and safety experience - for many it is likely to be too detailed a qualification for them to be able to pass it essentially on their own (i.e. with fairly limited tutor access and support in comparison with a face-to-face course tutor). It will then necessitate the need for expensive NEBOSH exam resits, and if a few attempts are needed it can end up costing a person more money overall than if they just enrolled on a classroom course in the first place!

Therefore, rather than making a decision about which study route to go down based solely on price, it is essential to think about whether you can be disciplined enough to sit in front of a screen for hours and learn such detailed information in order to pass the assessments.

What About an IOSH Managing Safely Online Course?

A young female professional working at desk with laptop computer

The syllabus of the IOSH Managing Safely certificate is nowhere near as comprehensive as that of the NEBOSH General Certificate. When it comes to the classroom courses, the NEBOSH General Certificate comprises two weeks of training, whereas the IOSH Managing Safely courses takes just three days.

This means that an IOSH Managing Safely course is more practical to be taken as an online course than a NEBOSH qualification, but it still contains a lot of information, and again it comes down to an individual’s learning style and personal discipline for actually sitting down in front of a screen and staying focused at all times to learn what is being taught.

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