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Correct Disposal of Waste

The correct disposal of waste is not only important for environmental preservation and reducing the negative impacts upon it, but also in the prevention of risks to the health and safety of people who may come into contact with any waste which has not been correctly disposed of.

As far as health risks are concerned, these are most likely to come from any sharp objects which may be present in the rubbish such as glass and syringes which can not only cause cuts but can lead to infection if they have contaminated blood or other material on them. This is a particular risk when it comes to the correct disposal of clinical waste for example, as this poses a significant danger to the health and safety of the general public.

The type of waste will obviously play a significant part in how hazardous it is to people or how much of an effect it can have upon the environment. Any hazardous waste will need to be disposed of correctly in a manner which prevents harm to members of the public and conforms with any applicable legislation which exists in the particular country. This legislation will not only be in place to prevent harm coming to people, but will also attempt to prevent damage to the environment and ill-health or death to plant, animal and aquatic life too.

As well as the correct disposal of waste, companies should also put great emphasis upon recycling and improving efficiencies in order to limit the amount which is produced in the first place. Not only will this greatly benefit the environment but it should also bring about financial savings for the company too.

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