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Business Coaching

Business Coaching Qualifications and Courses

At the BCF Group, our business coaching courses are designed to give you the practical tools and knowledge to become an effective business coach of others. Whether you are going to be providing coaching and mentoring to colleagues within your organisation, or intend to one day start your own coaching business, our range of accredited and non-accredited business coaching qualifications will give you the skills and tools necessary to be an effective coach.

One to One Coaching

Our experienced coaches also provide one to one coaching for executives who require the services of a coach. Whether this is to assist them in handling the pressures of the modern corporate environment, or to help them reach their full potential in their current or future role, one to one coaching can be a powerful tool.

The life of a corporate executive can be tough and extremely challenging, with a pressurised environment and constantly changing landscape. It is little wonder that the vast majority of executives we work with continue the relationship indefinitely, making use of our coaching and mentoring services whenever the need arises.

What is Business Coaching?

As a business coaching organisation, one of the questions we most frequently get asked is: 'what is business coaching?' It's a fair question to ask as the term itself is a little nondescript. It's a bit like saying "I'm a business consultant". Ultimately, you're still no wiser as to what they actually do!

Business coaching focuses on the individual to accelerate success through a bespoke 1-to-1 business conversation. It is based initially in the present, moving then to the future, dealing with your current business challenges and taking action to overcome them.

The coaching process is time efficient and cost effective, focusing solely on you. Our 1-to-1 business coaching and executive coaching sessions allow you to achieve more in less time, when there isn't a training room full participants vying for attention. Through a 1 to 1 coaching relationship; you'll be focused on overcoming your business challenge with high commitment.

What Business Coaching Is Not

Business coaching is not training. A training course normally involves a group of delegates, and is usually a one off event or part of an on-going programme. Business and executive coaching is 1 to 1 and you can have as many sessions as you need.

Business coaching is not therapy, even though it's very therapeutic knowing that you're tackling your business challenges head on by taking action.

Business coaching is not a fad. You may have the first couple of sessions close together, but the relationship can go on for as long as YOU are getting a benefit from it. Your business coach is there to help you achieve what you need, want, and have to.

Business coaching is not intrusive. You and your business coach may discuss a variety of topics ranging from performance, motivation, work relationships and more. They will also challenge you to be as open and honest as possible, but they will not tread on the values and beliefs that you hold dear.

Business coaching for all ages and experience levels

Coaching for young business manager

Coaching and mentoring colleagues

Senior manager ILM Level 7 coaching and mentoring

ILM Level 7 Coaching

This accredited executive coaching and mentoring qualification is designed for those who are regularly coaching or mentoring at a senior level, and who wish to accredit, validate and enhance their skills with an internationally-recognised executive coaching qualification.

A young employee being coached and mentored by a more experienced manager

ILM Level 5 Coaching

The ILM 5 accredited coaching and mentoring qualification is designed for all tiers of director, management and supervisory level, or indeed anyone involved in people development. We also offer the ILM Level 5 programme as an online course for added flexibility.

An executive coaching session with a senior manager

Executive Coaching

Our one-to-one executive coaching sessions are designed to fit around you and your workplace commitments. These sessions usually take place at your premises or over the phone, which minimises the amount of time that you need to take out of your busy schedule.

A new business coach

Your Coaching Business

A unique offering very much tailored to you. Not only do we assist you to become an accredited business coach with an ILM accredited coaching and mentoring qualification, but we also help you to create and establish your own coaching business/practice.

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Scheduled Open Courses

We run our most popular ILM coaching qualifications, as well as our own business coaching certificate and diploma qualifications, as open courses at venues across the UK. Please use the links below to find out more information about each one, including scheduled dates and prices.

Smiling woman on business coaching course

In-House Courses

All of our solutions are designed around the clients' specific requirements; never losing focus on what the programme needs to achieve. By using our huge wealth of knowledge and expertise within the coaching, mentoring, learning & development and business arenas, we can build you a unique and ground-breaking programme that is guaranteed to gain the desired results and sustain long-term performance.

If you would like to provide your managers and team leaders with an in-house course, we can provide coaching or indeed any of our courses on an in-house basis at your premises or alternative location.

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Delegates attending in-house coaching course and training

Executive Coaching

The purpose of executive coaching sessions, as it is with business coaching, is to develop the individual to achieve their full potential. Not only is it ideal for managers and employees, but an increasing number of business owners see the value in utilising the services of a professional business coach.

One-to-one executive coaching sessions are designed to fit around you and your work commitments. These short sessions usually take place at your premises or over the phone, which minimises the amount of time spent away from your day-to-day duties.

Executive coaching is becoming increasingly popular amongst today's dynamic business leaders. To find out more about it, please click the button below.

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Executive coaching between two male businessmen

We can design a business coaching and mentoring programme around your exact requirements. Contact us to find out more!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous definitions and answers to the question of "what is business coaching?" Put simply, business coaching is a mechanism/technique of transitioning an employee, manager or executive from their present state to their desired state.

Read more at the page: "What is Business Coaching?"

By improving employee morale through open discussions and positive action to tackle issues, business coaching will have a significant effect on the overall happiness of employees. Happier employees will typically be more accommodating when asked to cover other job roles, will volunteer up new ideas, and generally work harder towards the overall success of the company.

Read more at the page: "The Why and How of Business Coaching"

Absolutely. There will be those who wish to become a business coach and mentor, for whom gaining experience of business coaching sessions and a qualification like an ILM 5 or 7 Certificate will be vital. For those who don't wish to become coaches, business coaching sessions will help them to overcome barriers that are causing problems and holding them back from fulfilling their potential.

Read more at the page: "Career Development, Business Coaching and Training"

Although life coaching is a separate area, there will certainly be elements covered and worked on during your business coaching sessions which can also have a positive impact for you when away from the workplace. For example, improving your communication skills with regards to your interactions with your work colleagues will correspondingly be of tremendous benefit when communicating with others in your personal life. Similarly, if you become better equipped at overcoming problems and dealing with change at work, you will be able to do these things more easily outside of work too.

Unlike training courses which are typically one-off events, business coaching is a process. As the individual progresses on their journey of making changes, regular review sessions are essential to evaluate success, make adjustments to the plan, and to identify additional areas which may need to be worked on. The review sessions also help the person being coached to sustain progress and not revert back into old ways and habits.

Read more at the page: "Accountability From Review Meetings"

If you are a senior executive or manager who is able to make their own decisions regarding development, you will be able to decide for yourself whether executive coaching and mentoring would provide a benefit. If you are considering business coaching for others within your organisation, or if in fact you are an individual who believes coaching will help you in your role and want to put the idea to your manager for approval, click on the link below for information on building a business case for coaching.

Read more at the page: "Building a Business Case for Coaching"

This will depend upon many factors including an individual’s previous experience, level of training and current issues being faced. A business coach will work with a person to be the driver of their own solutions and action plans, but it may be the case that the individual would benefit greatly from additional training and development to complement the coaching sessions. At the BCF Group, we provide a range of courses on topics that are likely to be highly relevant to those receiving business coaching. Find out more about what else we can assist you with by clicking the link below.

Read more at the page: "Other Training Expertise"

An experienced manager coaching a younger employee
Be Effective

At the BCF Group, all of our business coaching, executive coaching and mentoring programmes are designed to bring truly effective results to our clients.

Be Efficient

An efficient, well-trained, motivated and collaborative workforce communicates well, pushes forward ideas, looks for innovation and will go the extra mile.

Be Innovative

We pride ourselves on being innovative and pioneering when it comes to business coaching, management development and our other areas of L&D expertise.

Be Successful

Every programme that we at the BCF Group have ever designed and delivered has been created in order to generate success and progression for you or your employees.

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