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First Line Management Course

  • In-House Option Available

Have you recently been promoted to a management or supervisory role?

Our First Line Management training course has been developed to give new or inexperienced managers a firm foundation to start their management career.

The programme covers a wide range of topics and includes units on effective communication, managing your team, managing yourself, delegating, setting objectives, effective planning and personal development.

By the end of the programme, you will:

  • Have a good understanding of the key leadership and management skills
  • Know how to motivate your team and set their expectations
  • Understand how to communicate effectively and respond to different communication styles
  • Be clear on when to address performance concerns and how to do it
  • Understand emotional intelligence and its impact
  • Have the confidence to perform your management role to the best of your abilities

Course Syllabus

Module 1

Role Assessment and Personal Development

What to look out for as you take your first steps in management and identifying your personal development goals
Module 2

Effective Communication Skills

Leading with clear communication, the ability to ask the right questions and listen
Module 3

Managing Yourself

Learn to manage yourself in order to motivate and influence others
Module 4

Managing Your Team

Inspire, lead and motivate teams to accomplish goals and overcome challenges

I liked the way the training was delivered, and how much confidence it has given me. The course was fantastic and very enjoyable - a real light bulb moment!

Aimee Burrows, Office & Logistics Manager, Ortus Technology Ltd

Good overall knowledge of line management requirements, from communication skills to performance cycles and self-assessments.

I liked the informality of the training course; not following a set note from the workbook for example. This allowed for a lot of discussions and to ask questions. I enjoyed having reading and tasks to do between the training sessions; these were really interesting videos/reading points which were thought provoking. I found the assessments during and after the training helpful, especially the feedback regarding the assessments to help with areas of improvement.

I actually cannot think of any areas for how this training could be improved. I found the course really beneficial and enjoyable.

Katie Wood, Category Technical Manager, Itsu Grocery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Modern managers need to be a combination of managers and leaders. This means they need to be able to determine an organisation’s goals and the methods for achieving them and also motivate and inspire the workforce.

Good management and leadership are essential if a business is to maximise its potential and achieve its goals.

No matter how good the individual is at their role, a team will be nowhere near as effective as it could be without clear objectives and motivation.

Well, some people believe effective leaders are born with many of the attributes necessary to lead a team, and that any leadership training is unnecessary.

There may be some truth in that. But having personal attributes is only half the story – you also need to learn how to utilise these attributes and skills to be a great leader and manager.

Management training not only teaches new concepts but will also help current and new managers discover how to employ what they know to positively and successfully lead their team.

You will receive a workbook and handouts during the training, and a .pdf file of the PowerPoint® slides after the course.

When you complete the course, you will receive a BCF course attendance certificate. BCF is a ILM Accredited centre, meaning all course content is of the highest standard, whether you gain a qualification or complete a non-accredited programme.

Although managers and leaders need to be able to give clear directions to team members, simply giving orders or delegating tasks will soon cause problems.

Managers need to be able to motivate and influence their workforce so they will approach tasks with enthusiasm and a will for the organisation to succeed.

Additionally, the responsibilities of a manager are extremely varied.

From devising targets to project management, motivating employees to disciplinary procedures, and much more besides, a manager will have to perform many functions as part of their job role.

As such, they not only need to be well-trained but will need to make sure they continue to invest in their future development by attending training courses and keeping up to date with a changing world.

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