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ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills

  • In-House Option Available
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In order for a business to obtain maximum results, it is important that employees are motivated and supported in their job roles. It is the responsibility of the team leader or supervisor to lead their team effectively and present feedback to management. This 3-day programme will guarantee to boost your performance as a team leader and help you make the transition from working in a team to leading a team.

We use a combination of theory and practical to help you develop yourself, and a toolkit of resources to use in the workplace. This is an internationally accredited course which not only carries kudos but it ensures you apply the learning back into the workplace for an immediate impact.

This programme is ideal for practising or aspiring team leaders, in any industry sector, who are looking to gain a solid foundation or develop their existing skills as a team leader. It is an internationally recognised course which will give you a solid understanding of what is needed to be a successful team leader, how to delegate, how to motivate others, and how to implement these skills in to your workplace.

As with all ILM accredited programmes, participants will need to complete the post-programme activity in order to achieve their full ILM Level 2 Award in Team Leading. This element is designed to show to ILM that you are able to apply what you have learned in the workplace. We have an internal ILM verifier who will ensure your work meets the ILM requirements before it is finally submitted.

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Course Syllabus

Module 1

Developing Yourself as a Team Leader
  • Learning the various roles, functions and responsibilities of a team leader - depending on workplace
  • Recognising limits of authority and accountability, and how these are defined
  • Developing personal skills and abilities for effective team leading
  • Using reflective learning skills to improve performance
  • Identifying areas of strength and possible improvement
  • Finding ways of obtaining feedback from others
  • Receiving and responding positively to feedback

Module 2

Workplace Communications
  • Learning stages in the communication process
  • Consideration of the recipient's needs
  • Spotting barriers to communication and how to overcome them
  • Establishing a range of direct communication methods relevant to the team
  • Collating a range of direct communication methods relevant to people outside own area of responsibility. This includes written, telephone, e-mail and face-to-face
  • Recognising the aspects of face-to-face communication, including appearance, impact, body language
  • Realising the importance of succinct and accurate records of one-to-one oral communication
  • Reasons for maintaining records of one-to-one communication (e.g. potential disciplinary or legal issues)

Module 3

Managing Yourself
  • Setting SMART objectives and using them to prioritise own actions
  • Learning simple time management techniques
  • Developing an awareness of own skills and abilities
  • Giving yourself personal objectives in relation to team objectives
  • Developing flexibility and responding to daily changing circumstances
  • Diagnosing the causes and impacts of stress at work
  • Identifying symptoms of stress in yourself
  • Knowing the implications of stress for workplace and non-work activities/relationships
  • Developing simple stress management techniques
  • Available sources of support
  • Action planning and review techniques

What Will I Learn?

At the end of the course, successful candidates will:

  • Have a good understanding of the team leader role
  • Apply a range of effective communication skills to overcome barriers
  • Know how to motivate, build confidence and gain the best from their teams
  • Identify, build and encourage effective team behaviours
  • Apply practical skills and knowledge to be transferred to the workplace
  • Gain an internationally recognised qualification

In-House Courses

In-House ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills Courses

We run this course as an in-house programme for companies and organisations who wish to develop a number of their managers and leaders at the same time, and find an in-house course at their own premises much more suitable. We can also conduct an exclusive course at one of our training venues if that would be more convenient.

If you would like to discuss how we can tailor this management training course for you and/or run it at your premises, please call us on 0844 800 3295 or submit a brief description of your training requirements through an online contact form and we will get back to you.

Scheduled Open Courses

Unfortunately the ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills course is not one that is currently scheduled as an open course, and is only available on an in-house basis. If you would like to discuss how we can tailor this course for you and/or run it at your premises, please call us on 0844 800 3295 or contact us online with a brief description of your training requirements and we will get back to you.

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Why is Accredited Management Training Important?

Accredited management training can provide you with increased peace of mind knowing that the training being delivered has been approved by a relevant awarding body and that the course syllabus is structured to incorporate the information required for a person to pass an assessment and acquire the accredited qualification.

For the vast majority of accredited management qualifications, only those training providers who have been pre-approved by the particular awarding/accredited body are allowed to offer their respective courses and qualifications. This is to ensure that those who are providing such courses are doing so to the required standard in terms of such factors including the quality of the teaching and ensuring that all required elements of the syllabus are covered and taught during the training sessions.

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