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How are Phone and Internet Conferences Good for the Environment?

Advances in technology have enabled certain activities to be conducted via computers and the internet rather than requiring a face-to-face interaction to take place. One such endeavour is that of meetings and conferences which can now take place over the internet, with the latest technology allowing virtual reality meetings to be run, and now make the concept of teleconferences performed over a phone seem decidedly old-school. Internet phones and things like VoIP and Skype have eliminated the need for people to physically get together in the same location.

Internet conferences therefore can prove highly beneficial for the environment as when applied on a global scale the amount of travelling that has been eradicated means many tonnes of carbon emissions that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere from vehicle exhaust has not been created. Taking away all of these car, aeroplane and train journeys has had a massive impact on reducing air pollution, benefiting the environment and of course the health and safety of people as the air which they breathe is of a higher quality and less polluted.

In a similar way, the internet and the advent of online shopping for goods and groceries has removed a lot of vehicle traffic from the roads, railway tracks and skies. Although it can be stated that an increase in online shopping has increased the amount of parcels being delivered, having one courier deliver many people's packages rather than each one having to drive a car or get a taxi into town and back again to buy it from a shop will be much more beneficial for the environment as it will reduce the total amount of pollution created, not to mention helping to ease congestion.

Although some people will argue, with some justification, that teleconferences, videoconferences and even virtual reality conferences are not "as good" or effective as a proper face-to-face get together, usually because of certain time lags in the transmission which can make conversations and arguments difficult, technology is improving all of the time. Even now it is of a good enough level in many countries and cities across the world for highly effective meetings to be conducted online, saving time, money and the environment in the process.

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