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About ILM

ILM stands for the Institute of Leadership and Management and it is the benchmark of quality for leaders and managers.

The training can be applied to leaders and managers in any sector and it focuses on workplace performance so that delegates can quickly take their new skills into their job.

What are ILM levels?

You’ll notice that all ILM courses have a level. For example, our leadership and management course is level 3.

The levels are indicators of who the course is aimed at. Level 3, to stick with our example, is for first line managers, junior managers and supervisors.

There are seven levels in total:

  • Level 2 – Most suitable for team leaders and supervisors
  • Level 3 – Most suitable for those new to management and supervisor roles
  • Level 4/5 – Most suitable for middle managers
  • Level 6/7 – Most suitable for senior managers and directors of smaller organisations
  • Level 7 – Most suitable senior leaders, CEOs and directors of large divisions

What qualifications will I get?

ILM training offers three levels of qualification: award, certificate and diploma.

These levels have different requirements, but the key difference is the amount of post course work. For example, to achieve an ILM Level 7 Executives and senior level coaches and mentors certificate, you need to complete 20 hours of logged coaching with 2-3 people.

For the diploma, you need to complete 60 hours of logged coaching with 6-9 people.

What if I need bespoke training?

If you and your teams would benefit most from bespoke training but you also require an accredited course, we can work with you to devise a course and get it accredited to ILM level.

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