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A busy and overworked manager

Too Busy Being Busy

  • by Tienie Loubser
  • Time Management

The new behaviour of being busy makes us disrespect our colleagues, come across as hurried, creates short-sightedness, expands blind spots, increases careless mistakes and results in missed opportunities that we can't get back. Busyness behaviour creates more "if only", "I should have", "I could have", than anything else in our life - which ultimately leads to self-shaming.

As a result our motivation slips down along the motivational scale from Potentially Commit/Durably Commit to Comply or even, at worst, Reluctantly Comply. This in turn diminishes our productivity by at least 20-30%. So if you were performing at 60-70%, you are now at risk of performing at 50%. Not good... Not only for the business, but for you also. Your self-esteem, drive and purpose are immediately contaminated.

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