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Not All Training Courses Work For These Four Learning Styles

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We all want greater diversity in the workplace.

It creates a wider talent pool, brings new perspectives, adds innovation, and leads to better employee performance.

And studies show that more diverse organisations outperform their rivals.

But there is a problem. We all have different learning styles, and unless they are accommodated, training can be viewed as more of a burden than a benefit, diluting its impact.

Dan Boniface, our head of training, said: “We value cognitive diversity in the workplace – people’s ability to think in different ways.

“That can be borne out of our background, upbringing, culture, education and thought processes.

“And it is important to remember that we learn in different ways as well.”

There are four main learning styles:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Reading
  • Kinesthetic

Our online courses have been created to meet the needs of these different styles.

Dan said: “We know a lot of people learn visually. They like watching videos because they learn by seeing.

“Auditory is about learning through hearing. Listening to videos helps them retain information.

“For those who learn through reading, there is plenty of written content in each module, and all the videos include subtitles, which also help them.

“The kinesthetic style is learning through doing. These are people who learn most by being active and getting involved. So, our online courses have quizzes and knowledge checks. And in many courses, we get people to pause the video and write down their ideas or thoughts on a topic or do a quick bit of planning.

“So, what this means from an organisation’s point of view is that you can engage all your employees in the training. You allow everyone to benefit from it because the different learning styles are covered.

“If the courses were videos and nothing else, you would only meet the needs of the visual and auditory learners. You would neglect the kinesthetic learners and possibly the reading ones.

“You must get the right mix so everyone feels involved and engaged.

As well as helping meet different learning styles, our online courses have also been designed to help those who have not studied for a while. Unlimited post-course support means they can constantly access help to achieve ILM qualifications.

Dan said: “We do a lot of work with senior and middle managers. They may not have studied for 20 years or more.

“Asking them to write assignments after the training can feel daunting for them. Making sure we meet their learning styles helps them absorb as much information as possible from the training.

“And then we can support them through the assignments with as much one-to-one help as they need.

“Some delegates only need one or two sessions. And we work more closely with others because they need that bit more support.”

Here’s a closer look at our new online courses:

Our online First Line Manager training course has been created to help them make the first steps into management. It is ideal for assistant managers, supervisors, office managers, foremen or shift managers – anyone who has been asked to make the leap from high performer to manager.

Have you got leaders with management responsibilities but no formal training, who are serious about developing their essential skills and abilities? Our online ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management course will help them lead people through organisational change, budget cuts and other pressures. And move up to the next level of management.

Our ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management online training is created for senior and middle managers. It will help them develop their skills and experience, improve performance of themselves and the organisation, be able to understand and affect a positive cultural organisation, and innovate and implement change.

And our new online ILM Level 5 certificate in coaching and mentoring course is perfect for those who want to provide coaching - and mentoring - for others. A skilled coach or mentor is increasingly crucial for every organisation as work moves away from command-and-control styles.

For more information on any of these courses, or anything else that we do, get in touch with us by calling 0844 800 3295 or sending us an online contact form.

The BCF Group has been helping organisations develop their talent, inspire their people and overcome obstacles and challenges for the past 25 years.

We deliver training that makes a difference. Find out more about our business coaching, management training and interpersonal skills options.

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