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Different Businesses Need Different Environmental Processes

All businesses will affect the environment in some way. This can take the form of their energy usage, the origins and sustainability of their raw input materials, types of substances used or stored on-site and their potential damage to the environment if there happened to be an accident, the expulsion of waste, and many more. As a result, employees of every organisation will benefit from holding environmental health and safety qualifications, or at the very least attending courses which include an element that looks at how the actions of workers can have an effect upon the surrounding environment such as the NEBOSH General Certificate or an IOSH Managing Safely course.

However, whilst all businesses have an impact upon the environment to some extent, different businesses will have differing levels of both current and potential environmental damage that can be inflicted if an accident or incident took place. For example an office which can negatively affect the environment in a fairly limited way such as by using more electricity than is necessary or throwing paper away in the general refuse bin rather than recycling it, will require less complex and robust environmental control procedures and management systems that a toxic chemical company or oil refinery where the potential impact upon the environment of the surrounding area can be extremely extensive if an incident occurred.

These businesses which have the potential to be major polluters will need rigorous processes and management systems in place, along with highly effective monitoring systems to minimise the chances of environmental damage. They will also need a highly-trained workforce with knowledge of environmental issues as well as any other necessary areas such as COSHH or permits to work.

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Please see below for more information on the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate:

NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate, or NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental Management to give it its full title, is an environmental health and safety course which is intended to be taken by managers, supervisors and any other employees who are responsible for managing environmental issues at their workplace.

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate qualification focuses on UK law, so is really only suitable for those who are based and operate within the UK.

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