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Effective Video Communication Course


A business meeting taking place via video call

Video communication is the new normal, and this workshop, run by Paul Weedon, with over 25 years of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur in the media and entertainment industries, will deconstruct this artificial exchange to make it a more human experience.

This workshop is delivered via video conferencing and consists of a 2-hour group workshop (maximum of 6 people) in the morning, followed by 45 minute one to ones with each participant to discuss their specific objectives and goals.

The main aims of this course are to:

  • Increase confidence talking to clients on screen
  • Understand the impact of your actions on screen
  • How to use your/their environment to your advantage
  • Feel more confident to have effective selling and negotiating video interaction with clients
  • Understand remote motivation of your team

Video Overview of the Course

In the video below, our trainer Paul Weedon explains why effective video communicaton is so important in the current business climate, and how this brand new course from The BCF Group will help you to be far more effective at communicating remotely with others via video.

Course Syllabus

Module 1

Setting Up Your Environment

How to use the tricks and tips from television to give yourself the platform from which to have confident and effective screen engagements.

Module 2

Understand the Impact of Your Actions on Screen

Be self-aware of your own actions and emotional intelligence in order to be able to effectively control your screen presence.

Module 3

Commercial Connections Through the Camera

Feel confident in being able to have effective selling and negotiation video interactions with clients and customers.

Module 4

Remote Motivation

Going back to basics to enable the building of new virtual social and professional interactions to maintain and enhance the remote motivation of your team.

Module 5: Post Course One-to-One

Applying the Information Taught

We'll discuss the practical implementation of the lessons learned in the group workshop, and we'll work on YOUR specific goals and objectives in video communication and engagement.

Scheduled Open Courses

Our Effective Video Communication course is not currently scheduled as an open course. However, we can run it on a 1-2-1 basis for you by request.

For more information, and to discuss your training requirements further, please call us on 0844 800 3295 or send us an online contact form.

Courses for Your Organisation

A video conference meeting between business colleagues

This course is particularly beneficial when it is conducted exclusively for groups of people from the same company. Not only will it ensure that each member of the team receives a consistent message and understands exactly what is expected of them, but we can also tweak the course content to focus on the specific objectives and type of communication your employees will be making.

For example, there is little point in going into too much detail regarding sales and negotiation over video conferencing, if the individuals you are putting on the course are not involved in those activities.

An exclusive course for your organisation will therefore provide significant value for money, and provide a far more tailored and useful learning experience.

If you are interested in arranging or finding out more regarding our Effective Video Communication course for your company, please send us an online contact form with your requirements by clicking on the button below and we will be in touch shortly.

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