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Emergency First Aid at Work Annual Refresher Online Course

  • Approved by IIRSM

This Emergency First Aid course will highlight some of the most common situations that you might come across and the actions that you can take to help.

There are multiple choice questions at the end of each unit. Those who successfully achieve the minimum mark required to pass these assessments are rewarded with a printable certificate.

An e-learning course is ideal for those who cannot get time away from the workplace and do not require a tailored course which deals with specific risks. If you do, then an open course or bespoke/in-house course will be much more suitable for your requirements.

The course comprises the following modules:

  • Module 1: What is First Aid?
  • Module 2: Barriers, ABCDs and the Recovery Position
  • Module 3: CPR and AEDs
  • Module 4: Choking
  • Module 5: Bleeding
  • Module 6: Shock
  • Module 7: Spinal Injuries
  • Module 8: Breaks
  • Module 9: Head Injuries
  • Module 10: Sprains
  • Module 11: Managing an Incident & Record Keeping
  • Module 12: Burns & Scalds
  • Module 13: Electric Shock
  • Module 14: Eye Injuries
  • Module 15: Anaphylaxis and Diabetes
  • Module 16: Heart Attack & Stroke

Single Licence

A person taking an online training course on a laptop computer

Individuals looking to take the Emergency First Aid at Work Annual Refresher online course can purchase a single user license for £15.00 + vat. This license grants unlimited access to the course, with no time restrictions, for one user only.

Please click the link below to complete the booking form and payment online.

Once we have received this we will set-up your access to the course within 24-48 hours, and e-mail you your log-in details to the address provided on the booking form.

Buy Single Licence

Multiple Licences for Businesses

A group of employees and business professionals

If you are a business or organisation and have a number of employees that you would like to take the Emergency First Aid at Work Annual Refresher online course, we offer discounts for multiple purchases, with a greater discount amount available the more courses that are purchased.

Purchasing a business license will grant the buyer administration access from where they can issue log-in usernames and passwords to their employees. This allows businesses to take advantage of the greater discounts on offer even if they do not currently know the names of every individual who will be taking the online course, which is particularly useful if you plan to grant access to employees over a period of time rather than all at once (e.g. getting new starters to complete the course). It also negates the need to fill in a massively long booking form with all their names when purchasing!

The pricing and discount structure available for mutiple purchases of this course is currently:

  • 2-9 Licenses: £14.50 + vat each
  • 10-49 Licenses: £14.00 + vat each
  • 50-99 Licenses: £13.50 + vat each
  • 100+ Licenses: Contact us for a custom quote
Buy Multiple Licences

Unlimited Usage Subscription

Online Training Courses Unlimited Usage

Take the hassle out of sourcing individual training courses by giving your employees unlimited access to all 114 online video courses (click here to view all titles) with an annual subscription.

  • The convenience of training anywhere with an internet connection
  • Keep knowledge up to date and learn new skills
  • You allocate users, giving you full control and flexibility
  • Ability to monitor each individual’s progress and check course completion
  • Make a one-off payment or pay by monthly instalments
Users Monthly Cost Buy Now
1-10 £150 + vat  Buy Now
11-25 £250 + vat  Buy Now
26-50 £350 + vat  Buy Now
51-100 £450 + vat  Buy Now
101-250 £800 + vat  Buy Now
251-500 £1,200 + vat  Buy Now
501-750 £1,500 + vat  Buy Now
751-1,000 £1,900 + vat  Buy Now
1,001-2,500 £3,400 + vat  Buy Now
2,501-5,000 £4,500 + vat  Buy Now

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First Aid Training is an Important Part of Health and Safety Training

Why is First Aid Training Important?
A first aid trainer demonstrating the recovery position in class

Even after performing extensive risk assessments, having appropriate safety controls and receiving all the health and safety training in the world, accidents in the workplace will still happen. No amount of training or precautions can absolutely guarantee that accidents won't occur; they can only reduce the chances. All places of work contain dangers, whether it be hazardous substances, electrical dangers, moving objects etc. As a result, first aid provisions are essential, and in most countries will be a legal requirement.

In the UK, The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 requires employers to provide adequate equipment, facilities and personnel in order to provide first aid to those who become ill or injured at work. The level of provision they must make is dependant on various factors such as the number of employees and the nature of the business. A large, high-risk workplace such as a large construction site will need a number of trained first-aiders as well as dedicated first-aid areas, but as a bare minimum a small company will need a well-stocked first aid box and to appoint a person to take charge of first aid arrangements.

Many companies will go above the minimum legal requirements for first aid training, sometimes including basic first aid courses as part of their overall programme of health and safety training for employees. Having a healthy and happy workforce has many advantages for a business including increased staff motivation, along with lower levels of absenteeism and expensive compensation claims from injured workers.

Head Injuries in the Workplace

The head is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Damage to the head caused by a falling object or being hit on the way down as a result of a slip or trip can lead to anything from a slight headache for a while to permanent brain damage or even death in certain cases. The potential for serious and/or permanent damage makes it essential that suitable precautions are taken whenever there is the potential for a health and safety risk which can pose a threat to a person's head.

When it comes to head injuries at work, the most obvious place of work where this can occur is a construction site, and results in designated areas where workers and visitors to the site should not venture to without wearing suitable hard hat protection. Usually this will be to provide some level of protection from falling objects due to activities taking place above or loose materials, but can also protect from flying debris striking the head.

Head injuries are by no means just confined to those working in the construction industry though. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, a slip or trip can subsequently result in a head injury, and so there is a potential risk in to a worker in any industry. Also, employees working in places such as a warehouse may encounter a danger from heavy objects falling onto their head from items stored high up on shelving units. The common occurrence of head injuries and their ability to happen in any place of work means that it is given attention on the syllabus of numerous health and safety training courses including the NEBOSH General Certificate, and of course specific construction safety courses such as the NEBOSH Construction Certificate, SMSTS and SSSTS courses.

And it is not just blows which can cause damage. The head incorporates important features such as eyes and ears which will require protection to prevent damage to them if the conditions in the place of work mean they are at risk. Examples will include goggles or safety masks to prevent splashing of hazardous chemicals into the eyes and ear defenders when loud machinery is present.

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