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In-House Management Training

Why Have In-House Management Training?

There are a number of benefits for having an in-house management training and development programme delivered at your premises.

The first and most obvious one is the convenience. Not only do you not have to organise all of your employees and rely on them actually remembering and turning up on time to an external training venue, but it may ultimately result in a lower cost for the training, as there will be no need to reimburse attendees for travel or accommodation costs.

The second benefit is that the majority of in-house courses are actually tailored to your particular requirements and industry. Whilst a standard, off-the-shelf management course would still provide a lot of useful information to your managers and supervisors, inevitably there will be some parts of it which are not entirely relevant, and subsequently do not make the absolute most of the training time available.

A bespoke in-house management course, however, can be written to include only that information which is relevant, and will provide maximum value for those attending. Whether it is a refresher course for managers needing to keep their knowledge up to date, or a course teaching new topics to existing or prospective managers, we will work with you - well before the training takes place - to ensure that together we produce and deliver a training programme which is exactly what you and your managers require.

How Can We Help With Your Bespoke Management Training Requirements?

We run a large number of our most popular management training courses at venues across the United Kingdom, such as our extremely popular First Line Manager course and the accredited ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management.

However, the majority of our work involves providing in-house courses to companies and organisations in both the private and public sectors.

This can either be through running an accredited course such as those mentioned above exclusively for the employees of that company, or conducting a bespoke, tailored programme which deals with one or several specific aspects of management including delegation, assertiveness and time management to name but a few.

Please see below for more information regarding in-house training. Alternatively, call us on 0844 800 3295 or contact us online to discuss your particular requirements.

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In-House Accredited Courses

Along with our bespoke management training courses (see below), we also run the accredited ILM management courses - most notably the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management qualification - in-house for those companies who have a number of current or prospective managers requiring the training, as it will be much more cost effective than sending them all onto a scheduled open course.

Please click on the button below to view all of our ILM accredited management courses that are available as in-house courses. Alternatively, please call us on 0844 800 3295 to discuss your requirements further, or send us an online contact form.

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Accredited in-house management courses and qualifications

Bespoke Management Training Courses

During our 35 years of providing management training for companies of all sizes and industries, we have delivered innumerable courses on virtually every management topic conceivable!

We work with you beforehand to not only understand your business, but to understand exactly what you want your delegates to achieve from the training. By doing this, we ensure that 100% of the training will be relevant for them, and will provide them with the managerial skills required for the future.

Bespoke Management Training
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We can design a bespoke management development programme around your exact requirements. Contact us to find out more!

Online Courses and E-Books – An Alternative to In-House Management Training

Even though an in-house management training course can provide tremendous benefits in terms of the amount of relevant information taught and overall value for money, it still requires busy managers to take time out of their often hectic schedules during the day in order to sit down and attend the training. Typically, courses are run over one or two full days, which means that the managers will have to take entire days away from their usual responsibilities. Sometimes, this simply isn’t a viable option.

An alternative to this is providing your managers with online management training courses. Quite often used in conjunction with an in-house management training programme to reinforce the learning and refresh memories in the future, our range of online managerial skills courses are also ideal as a stand-alone option.

You can purchase multiple licences for the same course at a discounted rate if you would like all your managers to take the same course. Alternatively, you can purchase a 12-month subscription to give them access to our entire range of online courses. As well as many different titles related to management skills such as Effective Delegation, Disciplinary Procedures, Effective Delegation, Stress Management and Time Management to name just a few, you will also get access to our entire suite of over 80 titles. Many of these titles also have a relevance to the responsibilities that managers have towards their employees, such as Mental Health Awareness, Conflict Resolution in the Workplace and Workplace Health and Safety.

To find out more about the online courses that we offer and the various purchasing options, please click here. Don't forget that we also provide online ILM courses in management skills and business coaching!

Another option to be considered, either as a stand-alone offering or in addition to an in-house training programme, are our range of management e-book titles. Like online courses, these can be studied and read at a time that suits the individual, meaning that they do not have to take a set amount of time out of their busy working day in order to receive the training. The e-books can be read during a quiet period in the day, or at home after the working day is finished.

Like our online courses, there are over 80 titles to choose from that cover a wide range of important business skills. This also includes many topics that are important skills for managers to learn including:

  • A Useful Guide to Being a Good Boss
  • A Useful Guide to Interviewing
  • A Useful Guide to Managing People
  • A Useful Guide to Managing Teams
  • A Useful Guide to Work Life Balance
  • ... plus many more!

Find out more about our Useful Guide e-books by clicking here.

Paradigm® Business Psychometric Profilers

Paradigm® business psychometric profilers from the BCF Group

The psychology for success plays a big part in the successful outcomes of many of our coaching interactions. In order to understand our personality and what motivates us, there is no better tool than a robust psychometric report. It is a great point of reference for an individual or team to then adapt and develop natural tendencies and receive support with any weakness to become successful.

Paradigm® reports have helped major companies in establishing or improving their in-house assessment systems. This has been achieved by improving performance through getting the right people into the right jobs, retaining and motivating them in the right way, and developing them in the right direction.

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