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Leadership E-book Package

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A leader pointing

Leaders are essential for a business, or indeed any organisation, to function effectively and move forward. Without a leader, a group of employees will quickly become a dysfunctional group of individuals working in different directions rather than a cohesive team all moving towards achieving the same goals.

Being an effective leader requires a person to possess a variety of attributes and skills. Some of these they are born with, whereas others must be learnt and developed. There are so many, and the challenges and personalities of people and situations are so varied, that the best leaders never stop learning and honing their skills.

This selection of twelve Useful Guides covers some of the most important aspects of successful leadership and the management of teams and individuals.

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Useful Guide Libraries

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All Useful Guides are also available via an annual unlimited user licence in the form of a Useful Guide Library subscription. This allows you to make the Useful Guides available to all of your employees as part of their training and development resources.

There are currently over 80 Useful Guides available to choose from, covering a variety of different topics and issues including personal development, management and leadership skills, communication, health & well-being and productivity to name just a few.

Your unique Useful Guide Library will be a dedicated portal accessed by secure username and password login, and a download tracker for monitoring the number of Guides downloaded since the start of your subscription. Library and download tracker setup is included in the cost of the subscription.

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Useful Guides in this Package

Being Influential
Being Resilient
Communicating Effectively
Dealing With Difficult Behaviour
Managing Bahaviour
Negotiating Effectively
Personal Development
Planning Your Success
Resolving Conflict
Self Management

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We can design a leadership development programme around your exact requirements. Contact us to find out more!

Why are Leaders Important?

Leaders are important because they inspire others to achieve great things. No matter if it is a business or a sports team, without a strong leader, the rest of the group will not achieve objectives as quickly or as proficiently as they could otherwise.

A good leader can also inspire creativity amongst the group, getting them to generate new ideas and methods of working. Some of these ideas could ultimately end up being highly beneficial for the organisation in the future (e.g. a new product range or a more efficient way of moving raw materials to where they are needed within a factory).

Without a strong manager and leader, a group will typically work at a slower pace and be far less motivated. The amount and quality of their work will suffer overall.

Developing Leadership Skills

The best leaders are usually people who are born with certain attributes and a natural level of certain interpersonal skills. They are excellent communicators, and will be able to influence others to get everyone working towards a common purpose. Even the way a person thinks will have an effect on their leadership style and overall influence on others.

Although the type of person someone is will play a big part in the kind of leader they will be (e.g. an introvert versus an extrovert), leadership abilities are by no means set in stone from birth! Leadership skills, just like all skills, can be developed, refined and improved in order to raise an individual up to a higher level of ability.

While there is no substitute for experience, as a leader will often find then they continue to develop and improve their skills over the course of their working life, the other way of learning and developing these crucial leadership skills is by enrolling on a leadership course.

A course taught by a tutor who has experience of leading others can provide a tremendous amount of useful information; not only about the skills and qualities needed to be an effective leader, but also providing examples of what worked for them in the past and what did not.

One of the most important things that all leaders need to keep in mind is that different people will respond to the same method of motivation in remarkably contrasting ways. The carrot and stick concept of motivation is a common example of this. Some employees will respond well to criticism of their work by becoming more determined to do better, whereas others will find that their motivation collapses. The fact that employees can react in such different ways to similar proposals is why business coaching is such a key tool for many leaders and managers, as it enables them to really understand how their employee thinks and what tactic would be optimal to improve their performance.

Why are Leadership e-Books Useful?

There is no denying that a good leadership course can provide a tremendous wealth of useful information for aspiring leaders. Even those currently in a leadership role, who potentially have a number of years' worth of experience in leading others, are still likely to discover something new on an effective leadership training course.

Unfortunately, just like courses on any subject, no matter how good the course tutor is and how engaging their training session was, over time the information will start to be lost from the delegate's memory. Hopefully they will have begun to put what they have learnt into practice as soon as they returned to work, but there are likely to be at least a few things they have forgotten about. Unlikely as it is, even if they remembered absolutely everything that was taught on the course, there may be points that were not fully understood or would benefit from additional self-study. This is where leadership e-books can play an important role.

A leadership e-book can be read at a time to suit you, and fit in with your busy work and personal life. Unlike a course which is a one-off event, an e-book can be read over and over again, so that all of the useful information can be understood and remembered for future use. It can also be referred to in the future if a particularly challenging issue arises and you are unsure about how best to handle it.

Leadership Courses

As well as providing the Leadership Useful Guide e-book package, we offer a number of leadership courses, both classroom and online, including leadership and management courses accredited by ILM. We can also deliver courses at your premises exclusively for your employees, and/or develop completely bespoke leadership courses to suit your industry and working practices.

The leadership courses we offer include:

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