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Leaders are essential for a business, or indeed any organisation, to function effectively and move forward. Without a leader, a group of employees will quickly become a dysfunctional group of individuals working in different directions rather than a cohesive team all moving towards achieving the same goals.

Being an effective leader requires a person to possess a variety of attributes and skills. Some of these they are born with, whereas others must be learnt and developed. There are so many, and the challenges and personalities of people and situations are so varied, that the best leaders never stop learning and honing their skills.

This selection of twelve Useful Guides covers some of the most important aspects of successful leadership and the management of teams and individuals.

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Useful Guide Libraries

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All Useful Guides are also available via an annual unlimited user licence in the form of a Useful Guide Library subscription. This allows you to make the Useful Guides available to all of your employees as part of their training and development resources.

There are currently over 80 Useful Guides available to choose from, covering a variety of different topics and issues including personal development, management and leadership skills, communication, health & well-being and productivity to name just a few.

Your unique Useful Guide Library will be a dedicated portal accessed by secure username and password login, and a download tracker for monitoring the number of Guides downloaded since the start of your subscription. Library and download tracker setup is included in the cost of the subscription.

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Useful Guides in this Package

Being Influential
Being Resilient
Communicating Effectively
Dealing With Difficult Behaviour
Managing Bahaviour
Negotiating Effectively
Personal Development
Planning Your Success
Resolving Conflict
Self Management

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