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Business Coaching - Be Innovative

Innovation and ideas around table

At the BCF Group, we pride ourselves on being innovative and pioneering when it comes to both business coaching and other areas of L&D expertise. Our ILM Level 5 Business Coaching Certificate Programme for example provides delegates with a completely new and fresh approach to business coaching; providing participants with highly pragmatic concepts and methodology that can be used instantaneously within the workplace to drive positive game-changing results... all within 2 days!

Our uniquely bespoke, in-house business coaching services are always designed with innovation and excellence in mind; always thinking outside of the box in order to generate the correct organisational changes, outcomes and goals. By creating innovative concepts, such as 'Real Play' (see below); candidates always feel comfortable and engaged, ready to interact and learn new skills.

When an innovative and self-challenging mind-set has been forged, this in turn drives inventive and highly motivated individuals. After attending our programmes participants feel rejuvenated with the knowledge that they have the skills, expertise and support to take on any challenge at work, with the belief that they have a personal impact on driving success and growth within their organisation.

Continuous Improvement

Adult students on a training course

One of the things we always stress on our courses is the need for continuous improvement and learning. Whether it is through additional training courses, refresher programmes or self-study, continuing to learn not only keeps information in the memory ready to be put to good use in the workplace, but also allows you to acquire more knowledge and learn new skills.

It is a concept that we apply to ourselves. Each course we run and programme we facilitate allows us to learn from those attending what issues are the most important in today’s business environment. We use this information to continually adapt and refine our programmes, as well as using it as a foundation upon which to create and develop brand new courses to offer.

In addition to the Foundation and Advanced certificates in business coaching which we created in order to provide options for those who require only an introduction to the ideas, concepts and benefits of coaching and mentoring in the corporate environment, we are pleased to introduce our latest offering: Speed Coaching. This one day course is ideal for those who require an introduction to the world of business coaching, but either do not require quite as much depth of information as the two day Foundation course provides, or cannot spare two days away from the workplace.

The four modules of the Speed Coaching course comprise:

  • Background and principles underpinning coaching
  • Language patterns and how to use them with skill
  • Effective communication skills
  • Action planning and follow-ups

Not only does this course offer a great introduction to business coaching and workplace mentoring, but it also provides a solid base of knowledge for progression to a more thorough and comprehensive qualification in business coaching such as the ILM Level 5 Certificate, should a person wish to continue their knowledge in this subject area at a later date. It also gives an introductory taste to those thinking about becoming a business coach or executive coach to others as a career.

Real Play

Two businessmen arguing

Our team building sessions or other bespoke training programmes are designed around one or more objectives; so rather than simply providing a "fun day out", the sessions actually work towards creating a better and more effective team (as well as still being fun of course!).

One of our most successful innovations in this regard is Real Play. Instead of spending the day reading through textbooks or having attendees being talked at by the tutor, we call on the expertise of actors to play out certain business situations and scenarios. Not only can delegates observe the dialogue, but they will also participate and become involved in the unfolding drama. The knowledge and "experience" acquired during these Real Play sessions will prove extraordinarily beneficial when applied back in the workplace.

The success of Real Play with regards to creating a fun yet extremely worthwhile development session has won many accolades from those organisations whose staff members have experienced it, and has resulted in many years of repeat business from them. Incorporating a Real Play element into a team development or bespoke training programme can bring about significant boosts to performance from employees and a much improved chance of success for the company in achieving its goals and targets.

Digital Learning

Online training and digital learning

In an increasingly fast-paced and digital world, online learning is becoming more and more prevalent. The speed and convenience of online learning platforms enable people to learn at times which work around their job and personal life commitments, as well as the ability to learn in their own homes, or in fact anywhere with an internet connection.

Classroom courses and face-to-face training will always have their place, and for many comprehensive and detailed qualifications, in our experience, it is by far the best way of learning information and giving you the best chance of passing the assessments. For these qualifications, we use a blend of face-to-face training and digital media to support our learners.

Whether it is a digital download of course materials from our mobile app, discussions in our online members forum, or a Skype coaching session with one of our expert business coaches, we make use of technology to enhance our training and coaching provisions to you.

Along with comprehensive accredited qualifications, we also provide a full suite of short online video training courses which typically take between 1 and 3 hours to complete (including short assessments at the end of each module). These online courses provide detailed and insightful overviews and introductions to a vast range of topics, and can be utilised on their own, or as a complement to any additional training provisions. They can be bought as a single user licence, as a multiple user licence for two or more staff members (includes discount), or as part of an annual subscription package which includes access to all 80+ short online video training courses. For more information on these, please click here.

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About Us

The BCF Group have evolved from the Business Coaching Foundation, which was established in 2001. We have leadership development and business coaching at our core. Having representation from global learning leads, executive coaches and talent development specialists, we deliver accredited people development programs.

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Be Effective

At the BCF Group, all of our business coaching, executive coaching and mentoring programmes are designed to bring truly effective results to our clients.

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Be Efficient

An efficient, well-trained, motivated and collaborative workforce communicates well, pushes forward ideas, looks for innovation and will go the extra mile.

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Be Innovative

We pride ourselves on being innovative and pioneering when it comes to business coaching, management development and our other areas of L&D expertise.

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Be Successful

Every programme that we have ever designed and delivered has been created in order to generate success and progression for you or your employees.

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