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Why Workarounds Do Not Work in the Long Term

Quick fix

Some issues which managers have with employees will have been going on for a long period of time; sometimes months or even years. Typically these will have been concerns which the manager should have dealt with and nipped in the bud as soon as they began, but for some reason or other did not. Instead of dealing with the problem when it was small, workarounds were probably deliberately or inadvertently put into practice in order to circumvent and overcome the issue.

Since then, whenever a similar situation occurred again in the future, the same workaround became the go-to action, and as subsequent occurrences took place it soon became the normal course of action.

Although this may get the job completed, if it is not as suitable as the way in which it should be done then it will have a cost associated with it. For instance if it takes longer or uses up more resources, then it will be causing damage to the business by lowering profits or even causing overall financial losses. Workarounds are more akin to sticking plasters in that they provide a temporary fix to a problem, but do not solve the underlying issues, which normally grow and become worse as time goes by.

One Problem Usually Leads to Another...

If this has happened for one issue, then it is highly likely that similar situations have occurred which the manager has not dealt with and are also causing inconveniences and excessive use of resources. This is why workarounds, even for one issue, do not work in the long term as not only does the original issue grow in size, but other problems follow suit. To help remedy this spiral, business coaching can be of tremendous assistance.

There can be numerous reasons for an individual not being as effective as they could be in their workplace role, and just as many issues which these reasons have caused such as inaccurate work, poor punctuality/attendance, lack or organisation, lack of leadership etc. All of these concerns could and should be dealt with as soon as they become apparent, but if they are not then this particular way of working will soon become the accepted standard, probably developing into larger and more disruptive issues.

How Does Business Coaching Help?
Business coaching and executive coaching

Although these problems are far easier to rectify if they are identified early on, business coaching can be used to tackle them no matter how far advanced they are.

The dedicated environment of a business coaching meeting gives an individual the opportunity to discuss the problems with an experienced business coach and identify why things are not done in an optimum way.

Usually this will be due to only one or two issues, but even so, these few issues can be having a major negative impact upon the organisation as a whole, not to mention the morale of the individual themselves if they feel that they are not contributing as much to the business as they ought to be.

So to find out more about how business coaching and mentoring can assist you or your employees overcome issues and obstacles which are negatively impacting effectiveness in the workplace, call us on 0844 800 3295 or send us an online contact form.

Use Business Coaching and Stop Avoiding Problems

In the article entitled "Understanding Employee Needs and Meeting Them" we saw that even talented employees who are vital for the success of the organisation may have certain issues which are causing disruption and possibly even damage to the operation of the company and its reputation. We even saw that business coaching is highly effective at dealing with these issues.

As with most problems, the sooner it is identified and dealt with the easier and quicker a successful reversal will be. If a problem such as a particular way of working is left unchecked for too long it becomes ingrained in the attitude and mental processes of employees and can be extremely difficult to change.

Why are Problems Left Unchecked?
Conflict in an office

There are a few reasons as to why certain problems are left unchecked and allowed to develop into major issues. It could be that a manager does not like conflict, particularly if they have been recently promoted and are new to the role, and instead of raising the issue with the employee they seek a temporary workaround. However as time goes on and the same workaround is used, it begins to become the norm and this temporary workaround is suddenly the go-to way of working, despite taking a little longer or costing slightly more money.

Even if the manager does say something, they may be so vague in their criticism or make out like it is a joke so that the employee doesn't think it is serious enough to need to change, and so carries on as before.

And of course there are the cases where the manager does say something, is clear in how they want things to change, but then does not follow through with making sure that attitudes and ways of working have permanently altered. Even if the employee does do things how the manager wants for the first one or two times, they may still slip back into their old ways.

Using Business Coaching

Business coaching is highly effective at altering working habits and attitudes towards a particular situation. Rather than simply being told what to do "or else", a one-to-one business coaching session will enable the individual to discuss and understand how their actions or inactions are negatively affecting the company. It will provide them with an opportunity to explain things from their own point of view, as it may be the case that there are certain factors which are causing the person to act the way they do, and tackling them will enable the individual to work in a more acceptable manner.

Failing to tackle problems when they are small has been the scourge of many businesses, even causing the eventual collapse of some. Making use of business coaching is a positive action which can have sizeable benefits for both individuals and the company alike.

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